Helen Marsden

Helen Marsden


…..this portrait is a classic – a serendipitous coming-together of photographer Helen Marsden; stylist (and owner of the Olive Loves Alfie kids boutique in London) Ashlyn Gibson; and the German site/blog Circus Magazine. The vintage tutu even belonged to Ashlyn…..while unfortunately the only name missing is the sweet little model. The dynamism of the pose, the model’s expression and the glowing skin colour contrasted with the outfit, the hoop and the background just all work perfectly… The rest of the session didn’t quite match this shot, so the only other one I’m adding is the cropped Featured Image above the title, which has a similar vibe to this.

Anyway, the focus of the post is just the photographer, Helen Marsden – based in the London borough of Kingston-on-Thames. Her work is always imaginative, and she tends to focus on sessions with children. Being primarily an editorial photographer, she generally has to come up with an idea (or a collaboration) that satisfies the magazine/blog’s  editors – and the eclectic results will be seen in this post. These particular portraits were for Baby and Me:





…..the fluffy clouds with their single drops of rain, coupled with the simple shapes of the white shift dresses, is an easy way to give them a retro feel – tho’ the dresses are in fact anything but simple, with layers, lace, broderie anglaise and organza. More retro comes with this shoot:



…..and again it’s amazing how much the wallpaper helps – particularly with the first shot, where the pettiskirt is in fact bang in fashion right now….tho’ maybe neither of the hairstyles….

The monochrome effect to this next session evokes the ‘thirties – with some of the outfits adding to it:





Getting away from retro, the next set was thought up by Helen and her friend, stylist Becky John, in a Soho coffee house – and as an added bonus, you get to see what a London photographer’s indoor furnishings look like:












….with finally some model acknowledgements: Isabella and Freya being the bigger girls, Poppy and Meg the younger ones (all from the Grace and Galor agency). The session was used by (I hesitate to say “sold to”, knowing the typical arrangements for editorial content) Little London Magazine in September last year.

A very different session demonstrates Helen’s versatility – from what you’ve seen before, you’d probably never guess these were also by her (she calls them “Pop Colours”):






….and with a redhead you’ve certainly got your work cut out using strong, contrasting colours.

The next session is a colour/b&w mix – which she calls “Fallen Angels”- and since some are only available in small formats, here are just the biggies:






…..very gentle and sweet, with a bucolic, “natural” feel very different from the previous set’s urban, colour-block style. As usual with a prolific photographer like Helen, I’ll leave you with a round-up of the ones that don’t fit inside a named session – all that is except the first three, that come from a set entitled “Backflip” (the name of the gym where they were taken):









I wouldn’t be at all surprised if I spend the next few days adding images here and there, since she’s been a photographer for seventeen years, and by no means all her work is on her site or Instagram. Here she is:



5 thoughts on “Helen Marsden

  1. A kaleidoscope of work, all wonderful. The retro dresses at the start are a treat, you’ve seen me rail against our clown costume culture. I hope they make a big comeback! The next retro batches are nice but I’m sorry; it’s hard to drag my eyes away from the droopy socks – like fingernails on a chalkboard!

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  2. The ‘Helen’s House’ shoot is fantastic! Meg, in the first photo, is adorable. And the setting? That is a beautiful home. I don’t know why the cabinet doors and drawers are all messed up, I imagine the place is 200 years old, you can see it in the floorboards too. A knock-out set!


  3. Pop Colours – what can I say? Redheads and freckles are treasures. And she found some great colors, the yellow really works well. The rest are such an eclectic mix, you know she doesn’t get bored with her work! Great post, look forward to more!

    Liked by 1 person

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