Thémis Pauwels: The Isabelle Huppert of European Child Modelling

Thémis Pauwels: The Isabelle Huppert of European Child Modelling

Thémis and Isabelle? Just because I got a little stroppy at Thémis being described as a “relative newcomer” in her second big-screen rôle as Isabelle’s character’s granddaughter in the Laura Schroeder film “Barrage – shown at last month’s Berlin Film Festival. I really think her long career as a model should be mentioned in a reference to her screen existence – it is surely relevant.

Here she is with Isabelle:


….and the movie poster, the image indicating the intense relationship Thémis’ character has with her mother – played by Isabelle’s real life daughter, Lolita Chammah:


…..this meaty part for Thémis comes hard on the heels of Kaegan Baron‘s much briefer cameo in last year’s Wolf Mother: and it’s great to see that the interpretive skills, rôle-playing and relationship with the camera that makes them superb models, are transferable to the big screen.  It’s clearly a European-type art-film where the story, the relationships and the acting are central – so no JJ Abrams‘ lens-flares – and the reviews are pretty mixed: the director is inexperienced, and Thémis even more so. However, there were some positive reviews – if only from the organisers of the festival:

The gentleness of Laura Schroeder’s storytelling is shot through with serious undertones, supported by a carefully chosen soundtrack and most of all her superb actors.” (

One sweet aspect of the film was that Thémis was able to appear on screen briefly with her BFF – fellow Belgian Elsa Houben (in a cameo as a friend who drops by) – this is from Elsa’s Facebook feed:

There is one element apart from modelling and acting that links all three – Thémis, Elsa and Kaegan – in that they’ve all been snapped by Spokane-based film photographer Ryan Mills.

First Thémis:



… Elsa:



….both together (including the featured image above the title):



…..and finally Kaegan:



……now if we could only get Ryan to Barcelona to do some portraits of Julia Mayer – and Alejandro Amenábar to give her a starring rôle in his next film – I could die happy….🎉🎇🎊😊

In the meantime, here are some video performances by the “relative newcomer” – but first the best of the lot, Elsa showing her acting creds in a music video for the group Alice on the Roof, the song being Monopoly Loser (well worth watching):

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6 thoughts on “Thémis Pauwels: The Isabelle Huppert of European Child Modelling

  1. I looked up reviews for ‘Barrage’ and thought I was reading about Euro football for a second…
    A more cynical person than myself could claim that the whole experience represents what European films are denigrated for: almost two hours of nothing happening.

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    1. And I’m always amazed it was so popular Stateside…’s very different humour from “Big Bang Theory” for example: that’s incredibly well written, while you get the feeling “MP” was just a few guys making stuff up in a pub that made them laugh…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I watched BBT for about 5 minutes, didn’t work for me. One sit-com that I liked a little is “Shameless”. Crazy funny, very well written.

        In “Life of Brian”, the “call me Loretta” scene cracks me up every time, and to look at their faces it looks like they’re about to lose it too.

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