Alice in the Looking-Glass: Alisa Samsonova and Alisa Sabirova

Alice in the Looking-Glass: Alisa Samsonova and Alisa Sabirova


…..I’m sure if you were lucky enough to know these two Russian models personally, you’d know there’s a reasonable difference between them in terms of presence, character, abilities – and even physically – but to we poor souls who only see them in frozen two-dimensions, they certainly have very similar names, ages and even faces – and they seem to be BFFs….

Here they are again:




I’ve posted on Alisa Sabirova before (here – she’s the girl on the right in the first portrait above in white (Mischka Aoki, to be precise), and on the left in the three immediately above…um, I think…), so I won’t repeat the exercise: I’ll just take one image that wasn’t used, in order to entice you with the thought of what was published:


Anyway, after letting you pause to look at the linked galleries – and before moving on to the other Alisa – the reason their similarity registered with me once again was a set posted by fellow Russian photographer Yana Chuvalova on Instagram earlier this month (see image-link below), featuring seven top Russian girl models:



…with the two girls being in the top row of heads in the first image – Alisa Samsonova on the left, and the other Alisa on the right: while in the second portrait with just five of the girls, Alisa Sab is on the left, and Alisa Sam on the right, both sitting on the floor. Yana, by the way, seems to have given up posting on Facebook and DeviantArt to concentrate on Instagram – and doesn’t even bother with a home site.

Here are some of Alisa Samsonova’s finest moments – see if you can easily differentiate her from Alisa Sab by the end (you did click on that link…didn’t you?):






Samsonova Alisa_1011





Samsonova Alisa_0125

Samsonova Alisa_0131

Samsonova Alisa_0932

Samsonova Alisa_0956

Samsonova Alisa_0957



….photographers seem to recognise a feisty quality in Alisa Sam that’s missing to some extent with her friend – so she tends to have more active or dramatic sessions: and while Alisa Sab has pleasant reflective, decorative aspects to her modelling, I think Alisa Sam will go further…

There’s one guy that can’t have any problems recognising which Alisa is which: Gabito Rohh:

#Repost @gabitorohh with @repostapp ・・・ There is no way you can Drive like this!!!!!! DONT DO IT AT HOME! …. Monkey face in The car to rafting! @alisasamsonova

A post shared by Елена Вяземская мама Алисы (@alisasamsonova) on

….Alisa Sam being represented by the ProKids agency, of which he’s the co-founder (as well as co-founder of the Happy Kids Media kids’ fashion events and general media organisers – see image-link below) – and a lot of the images in her gallery were taken by fellow co-founder Julia Voronova (see image-link below also). In the little vid above Alisa and Gabito are happily trying to kill each other by fooling about while driving….!!

OK, I’ll finish with a test: which girl is Alisa Sab, which Alisa Sam?:

……the answer is at the bottom of the the previous Alisa Sab post that was linked to at the beginning- so the ones who clicked on it can now look scornfully down on the ones that didn’t, practising an infuriating smirk….while the rest just swallow their pride and the click-bait. No, really: it’s full of sweet portraits, well worth admiring…she’s a lovely model.


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