Anna (Anja) Sutormina: Just a Tween…

Anna (Anja) Sutormina: Just a Tween…

After publishing the previous post – with an outrageously cute Instagram video of Alisa Samsonova pulling faces with Gabito Rohh – I thought of this one featuring another favourite Russian model – Anna Sutormina:

….being this sweet should be illegal…..and it serves to remind the viewer that she’s just nine years old – despite the apparent sophistication of some of her fashion promotion images:


….this by Maria Hert for Zara Kids. Annie has that control of her expressions that leads a number of ten/eleven/twelve-year old models like Jade Weber, Meika Woollard, Lilly Kruk, Kaegan Baron and Ivy Basinger to be continually posted on adult gallery sites and blogs: I think with the bloggers sincerely believing they’re appropriate for the context in many cases. Watch her with her two big brothers to see how she learnt it:

when you have two older brothers

A post shared by Сутормина Анна (@annasutormina) on

…..tho’ to be fair her Instagram feed also has videos and images of her brothers helping her work out, and even (she’s a sweet girl!) receiving kisses. Here are some recent posts that bring my last bulletin on her more-or-less up-to-date:







….a couple demonstrating that presence she can command – when in fact she’s really not much more sophisticated than this (but definitely more than in the featured image above the title!):



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