Yana Chuvalova Presents: New!!! Seven Top Beauties

Yana Chuvalova Presents: New!!! Seven Top Beauties


I like Yana Chuvalova‘s Barnum and Bailey-style presentation of her coup de mannequinat  (tho’ the Barnum-Ringling circus is due to have its last show in May this year): New!!!! Seven Top Beauties – you almost expect a Step Right Up!! Have Your Photograph Taken With Astoundingly Pretty Russian Mini-Model!!!” addition….

Anyway, this set follows the seemingly-popular trio from the same session published in the recent post on Alisa Samsonova and Alisa Sabirova:

Here are the rest:








….the models being: No.1 Alisa Sab and Evelina Chernakova; No.2 Anfisa Kaftanova and Zhenya Kotova; No.3 Zhenya and Alisa Sam; No.4 Angelina Polikarpova and Elizaveta (Lisa) Averina – while the last one is of course Alisa Sam again (but then, you knew that, didn’t you?).

Rather than give Instagram links that refer back to this session, I’ll try to choose a representative shot for each girl  (Evelina has a nice video of them doing a clapping game, so I’ll post two for her) – remembering that Yana has the whole set at the beginning of her feed (at the time of writing) – and that she’s on a particularly hot streak at the moment, so there are a number of other lovely portraits….the one I’ve chosen being Alice Kolesnikova (not forgetting little Ivanka (no, not her….) Kuvaeva in the featured image above the title):

Photo by @alena.kunda.photography 💕 #alisasamsonova #kidsmodels #fashionkids #russiankidsmodels #nicekids

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There's no time to explain…Follow me🌟💖 See you soon in Florence✨🇮🇹 #luckygirl #mood #italy #firenze #florence #pittybimbo

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