Alba Soler II: Clàudia Seguí and Ana Pérez

Alba Soler II: Clàudia Seguí and Ana Pérez

There must be something in the air around Valencia: after two previous posts to do native Valencian Aroa Renau justice, photographer Alba Soler from nearby Xàtiva is going to need three….

This second post dedicated to her starts with a series that appeared in her blog as illustrations to the post “What a Model Test Is” back in January 2014 – using Clàudia Seguí (see image-link below) as an example of a girl (tho’ at what age I’m not sure) in need of a model test – I linked to it from the post featuring Aroa‘s session with Alba, so some visitors/followers may well have seen it:





… the first and last shots she looks quite young, so they quite often get reposted on blogs featuring younger girls – while the rest of the session is more usually put with adult material (notice Alba can’t resist revealing at least one shoulder here and later). The “model-test” post Alba describes as responding to the fact that….

“……I’ve been asked a lot about this before and I’ve also noticed in social media that many people use it wrong…….A model test has the finality to offer a flattering but realistic image of the model. At the same time of having a variety of looks and attitudes to show her versatility.

To put it in other words, it is the tool that the agency is going to use to sell her as a brand. We as photographers have a limited number of photographs to demonstrate all that she can offer. Apart from her physical qualities, we would also show her skill to act and play different roles.” (Alba Soler 08/01/2017 ibid.)

…….there’s a lot more I could quote, but basically she divides the session up into three different parts. The one above is “Natural look, natural attitude“, while the next is to demonstrate “More personality, in the look and the attitude:














….they’re a bit repetitive, so I omitted a couple – but you can see how radiant Clàudia is: it’s one of those moments when a model really can do no wrong…..Alba says at the end:

Clàudia’s test was made in a simple way. There wasn’t a stylist, or makeup artist or hairdresser. It is true that her natural beauty makes it easy, but I wanted to show you with this example that beautiful things don’t have to be complicated, nor is a super-production always necessary in order to get a great result.” (ibid., my clean-up)

In the final part she aimed to get “More in the look, the interpretation more extreme, and the lighting more dramatic.”:








…..and finally there are three beautiful out-takes that seem to come from the second part of the session, which Alba didn’t use in the post – these two below, and the header above the title:




The second session featured Clàudia again, plus the equally pretty (and also a Valencian native) Ana Pérez, and was called “Unique Creatures” – but you simply MUST see the video first – it’s one of the loveliest I’ve seen from a children’s photo-shoot – and Clàudia and Ana here are clearly children (the associated post dates from 15/09/2013) :

Ana is very frustrating, by the way – I found her Facebook page (see image-link below) by going through Clàudia’s list of friends – but there’s almost nothing there……

Anyway, here are the “Creatures” – starting with one of the prettiest double girl portraits I know (and I’ve generally messed with Alba’s original image order, by the way):




















……and I’ll leave you with Alba’s sweet, but rather fey introduction to the post:

Unique Creatures

From gray woods they eat, on silent feet, and wait to play with us.

You can not gather more sweetness, talent and beauty than in these little creatures.

They are Clàudia and Ana and are the protagonists of our latest children’s fashion story.” (Alba Soler, 15/09/2013 – the line in bold was actually in English, the rest is translated from Spanish.)

…..and I must admit that her tribute to the “sweetness, talent and beauty” of her models is really touching – and I look forward to posting more of Alba’s lovely images in part three.

Claudia #fotografia #infantil #fantasia #valencia #creativa #book #concept

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2 thoughts on “Alba Soler II: Clàudia Seguí and Ana Pérez

  1. Do you have an archive or offline copy of the post “What a Model Test Is”? Neither that page nor its website,, presently exist and neither are they saved on the internet archive server. All that I could manage to find was a page labelled “albasoler/blog” on Flickr. I would very much love to read that post.

    As for your series on Alba Soler and Claudia Segui – bravo! How these photographers manage to make beautiful young girls look absolutely angelic never ceases to amaze and delight me!


    1. Hi! It was just me being cretinous: I wrote “ww.” instead of “www.” for the link – and then was too lazy to check it after I published it. If you Google “Alba Soler What a Model Test Is” it comes up anyway – Google seems to pick up the titles of her posts pretty well. Thanks for the praise…..what puzzles me is Clàudia’s age: in the Model Test she looks adult at times, but in the “Creatures” one both she and Ana are clearly described as child models – her Facebook has basically no useful information on the subject, either. Oh well, at least you can describe all her appearances as demonstrating “youthful beauty”, for sure…and like you say, even “angelic” (tho’ maybe not so much in the most recent post where she looks more like a human hydrangea!)


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