Orphan Annies….

Orphan Annies….

[See the end of the post for the results of some great detective work….]


This looks like a typical Instagram or Facebook photo taken by the model’s parent, and uploaded to their feed – it’s clearly Annie Sutormina (I’ll give a link here, to avoid gushing) – but I can’t find it in the obvious places…….so, not exactly an orphan, but found wandering the streets (well, a Tumblr blog…)

[OK, in the end I found it lurking in the depths of her Instagram feed – but the title’s too good to be affected by a little thing like the truth!!! – see the image link for some humble pi-xels.]

Here’s another rounded up by Tumblr social workers:


…..again, she’s recognisable – Skyla Jay Carpenter, posted on here with the accompanying epithet “probably the most beautiful eyes I’ve seen on a girl model” – but like Annie [Sniff…] she’s strayed from her Instagram home (image link below: she looks rather sad these days – see what you think).

Next (including the tot in the header above the title – and she looks like she might freeze, wandering the hostile streets of Tumblrtown):



…..I feel like I recognise both faces, but neither reverse-search…

And three that are obviously related, and could be the same girl:




….well, obviously the first two at least, and probably with her hair down in the third. A girl of her age with such a strikingly buff musculature must be well known, surely – dancer, gymnast – tho’ not according to Google Image Search et al….

Finally something a little more artistic:


….and it’s undoubtedly popular…..particularly with the gloomier blogs, who clearly fear the worst: while I feel the flowers give it a reasonably positive touch…. But as to an actual source to go with these repostings, no such luck. There’s a reward for any commenter who finds (and communicates) an origin for any of the orphans: the personal satisfaction that comes from knowing you’ve made somebody’s day brighter….mine, that is….

#dori 🐙🐠🐚

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I spy with my blue eye something beginning with? #eyes#blue#blueeyes#portrait#face

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[Look at the comments, and you’ll see one from Ricki1300 with a link to the portrait of the girl in the pink dress and sneakers – who turns out to be Ekaterina Perova – it took him just an hour (I’m guessing a Ricki is male….)!!!! Thanks a lot – if I get results like this, I’ll ask for more help with the poor starving orphans… Here’s the image link:]

[More great detective work, this time from Arizona: a real-life image bounty hunter (except he’s never asked for bounty..so far…) – the little girl in the header is Verona Burkot – now ten – who is just a sweet little FashionBank.ru model, photographed by Anna Gorbachev. Why the image didn’t reverse-search escapes me…..here she is when possibly even younger:


Arizona’s second find is the dancer with the enviable abs – Kaitlin Yamano, photographed by an unlikely young photographer, Zack Caspary – and the collaboration seems to be working well in both directions:

So proud of the little girl right here.. she works so hard and is such a sweetheart! We have shot together a few times now and I also shoot her siblings.. now every time we shoot she draws me pictures and the go directly onto my filing cabinet next to my desk.. I see them everyday and it reminds me it's the little things like those pictures she has drawn and painted that make me love what I do. It is an awesome feeling to know that I can make an impact on the lives of my clients rather than just providing images. Watching the progress of some clients to start off with me shy and insecure are now growing with me and feeling more confident, empowered, happy and humble.. model: @kaitlinyamano #zackcasparyphotography #photoshop #lightroom #tweenmodel #ktrna #nike #lululemon #ivivva

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……here’s a shot of Kaitlin, then her Instagram link….thanking Arizona again:]



9 thoughts on “Orphan Annies….

    1. Thanks Ricki1300 – I’ll add the scoop to the post immediately: I must admit she’s new to me. It’s reversed, which may explain the lack of image-search hits – but they’re all pretty useless with Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr…

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  1. Well this post is now truly buried, however I will continue as I have results. The results are due to reverse searches providing results for me, but unfortunately not you, such are the peculiarities of the internet. The header image is here http://www.fashionbank.ru/blogs/77064.html expanding this page out further to http://www.fashionbank.ru/blogs/userblog/52562/page10.html the photographer is listed as Анна Горбачева/Anna Gorbachev
    The little dancer is Kaitlin Yamano, source image here https://www.instagram.com/p/BPHZ3gulvgI/ photographed by https://www.instagram.com/zackcasparyphotography/

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