Airfish: Featuring Grace Anais, Wanda Kujacz, Maisie de Krassel, Gina Kim, Michelle, Ewkak, Vika Pobeda, Isa Battaglin, Ella G….

Airfish: Featuring Grace Anais, Wanda Kujacz, Maisie de Krassel, Gina Kim, Michelle, Ewkak, Vika Pobeda, Isa Battaglin, Ella G….


……this started out as a simple post introducing a new-ish New York/Seoul based girls’ fashion brand (Airfish, founded by two sisters, Jennifer and Chloe Park), since every company that decides to invest in top class models, photographers and publicity needs to be encouraged – the model is eight-year-old Toronto resident Grace Anais  – here she is filmed apparently by a passing drunk in front of the New York Public Library:

….the photographer (hopefully not the cameraman) being Wanda Kujacz (see image-link below): someone whom I really should devote a post to, but who makes me feel wholly inadequate – she’s not just a photographer, but an astonishingly talented graphic artist (see image-link below, and look at her whole oeuvre – these shots of Grace being extremely banal by her standards).

As I started researching, I discovered that they were also using the great New York photographer Gina Kim (author of a number of my self-styled “iconic” girls’ portraits), who was transported to Malibu – the recently-featured Maisie de Krassel being one of the models….





….the other being Ella G (see….ok, you’ve got the idea….) – here impossibly cute as she tries to escape the waves:

. Dear @ella.g2008,a delight and talented little girl💕 How pleasure to meet you. . Ella's wearing Laguna swimsuit from Malibu collection. Malibu collection will be updated to our official website tomorrow. . . 미국에서 만난 한국 친구,엘라 어쩜 이렇게 아름답고 마음까지 그렇게 착하고 따뜻한지 촬영후에도 엘라 앓이💫💫♥️ . 엘라가 입고 있는 라구나 스윔수트 내일 6/10 오전 10시,업데이트 된답니다 . 👉리그램 이벤트 아직도 진행중이에요 아래 피드중 모델 친구 사진으로 시작하는 영상으로 참여바랍다 . #airfish##ginnakimm#airfishhello#에어피쉬 #airfish_hello#에어피쉬#kidsfashion#airfishnyc #아동복#디자이너아동복#아이옷쇼핑 #아동복브랜드#airfishhello#instakids #kidsfashiondesigner#아이옷#아동복브랜드 #인스타키즈#키즈패션#뉴욕#airfishnewyork #뉴욕d아동복#뉴욕브랜드#nyckids#newyorkkids #kidswear#아이옷#딸램인스타#인스타패션#아동패션 @ladidakids @poppyscloset @shanandtoad

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…….Maisie also being snapped by Isa Battaglin of Lilly K Photography, in a different session for the brand:


………then up popped a blast from the past, Michelle, mommy-blogger Eva Koziol/Ewkak‘s daughter:



……with her ever-grumpy expression, that led me to wonder at the time if her heart really was in modelling. See the link above – there are some lovely portraits, despite Michelle’s usual demeanour – Eva’s an excellent photographer: for the first of the two shots, Maisie herself commenting: “I love her!!!!” – and you can see why Airfish sponsor her, with getting on for 2,000 likes for the Instagram-linked post below.

Yet another photographer to be used by the brand is the great Vika Pobeda, with a style that is becoming recognisable – very tight, shot from below, and with the models and material in an almost abstract swirl:


In fact there seems to be a general buzz about the brand amongst photographers and models: not wanting to sound too cynical, but I’d guess mainly because they’re hiring professionals, investing heavily, and have styles that flatter the artists involved.

Here’s that drunk again – and it looks like Grace is wearing a red version of Michelle’s dress:

…..and before I reach a dozen Instagram links, I’ll finish by saying that one of the Park sisters must be a genius at marketing: they clearly aren’t native speakers, but seem to have conquered Instagram and formed a network of admiring girls’ photography professionals in the States that they can count on – all in a very short space of time.

Here’s the gallery – a visual litany of top photographers and models – some whom I haven’t even had space to mention:


















❤️ First day of summer ❤️ #airfish #malibucollection #sweetgirl @airfish_official @lamodels @lamodelsyouth

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#Repost from @airfish_official – 🍋월요일에 만나요🍏 ☘Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Did you remember to wear green today? 🍀

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Preview..Olivia for @airfish_official 🕊

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Amazing @maisie_dek is flawless in Hart top by airfish. Photo by @lillykphotography Thank you! Thank you Maisie ❤️ – 오늘도 감사드립니다 기쁜 마음으로 열일🙏🏼 . #에어피쉬#airfish – RepostBy @maisie_dek: "Happy Monday after Xmas! Another chill day. What are you up to?? 🎄💕 #Repost @lillykphotography ・・・ M a i s i e ❤️ Hair/makeup @christinaturino #naturallightphotography #naturallightphoto #losangelesphotographer #laphotographer #lakidsphotographer #headshotphotographer #fashionphotography #headshots #headshot #kidsheadshots #kidsphotographer #kidsstyle #fashionphotographer #kidsheadshots #laheadshotphotographer #topkids #kidscommercialphotography #headshot #nycphotographer #topphotographer #childmodel

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10 thoughts on “Airfish: Featuring Grace Anais, Wanda Kujacz, Maisie de Krassel, Gina Kim, Michelle, Ewkak, Vika Pobeda, Isa Battaglin, Ella G….

  1. And that the drunk cameraman forgot to turn on the microphone for the first one – also for the one above with the light-coloured dress!! It’s also a weird sound – almost musical – but there again, this branch of the NYPL is on Fifth Avenue, so it’s going to be noisy….

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  2. I’ve never been to NYC but I have relatives there. They like the anarchy. My nephew, someone broke into their place and took all their shoes. Nothing else. And locked up behind. They thought it was funny. I own guns for situations like that, it’s a different world.

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