Igor Sakharov

Igor Sakharov


This lovely “family” portrait is by the self-acclaimed “only photographer in Russia to be a Master QEP (Qualified European Photographer)” – Igor Sakharov. In the accompanying Instagram link below with my header image – featuring the same models – Igor just says :”really beautiful family!”: so you’re left with the impression they actually are a family, but no names, no links, zilch (and the mother’s dark eyebrows make me wonder if she’s really as blonde as the girls). Also on his site the image above is in the “Portraits” part of his portfolio, while on Instagram the shot from the same session (you imagine) is tagged #advertisingphotography – so go figure….

Anyone vaguely remembering his name might be thinking of a post I published back in December last year, proudly revealing the tortuous way I’d matched a gorgeous portrait to his name: then dressed the anonymous model (virtually) in Marilyn Tov – I seem to have been too dumb to have just found/gone through his Instagram account – where the same portrait had been happily ensconsed since the previous January (see image-link below):


……it’s so lovely you start gnashing your teeth at the fact that these seem to be pretty well the only images featuring girls he’s done: the rest of his portfolio is highly accomplished, slick and emotion-free advertising work – with the end results being so far removed from the original sessions that he dispenses with models’ names entirely……while these are reasonably unedited and brimming with (anonymous) humanity…..

Катюшка #studio #broncolor #advertisingphotography #игорьсахаровфотограф #igorsakharovphotographer #

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A girls. Really beautiful family! #broncolor #studio #igorsakharovphotographer #игорьсахаров #advertisingphotography

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