Jade au Fil du Temps: Jean-Paul Cotte

Jade au Fil du Temps: Jean-Paul Cotte

This has been the hardest selection process I’ve ever gone through for a post: regular visitors may have noticed that I’ve become more lazy generous over time, guessing that most people are happy to skip images they’re less interested in, but equally happy there’s at least some choice. It sometimes feels a little uncomfortable to repost an artist’s work in a style and context he/she didn’t envisage – but I think most are appreciative of the exposure to a possibly different audience, and the lavish links to the various platforms where they are represented.

This brings me to my dilemma: a large Facebook album of nearly fifty exquisite portraits of one photographer’s daughter (I’m assuming she’s his daughter – commenters talk about the “family”) as she grew over time (au fil du temps). It’s mainly chronological, and I almost felt like reposting the whole set, or none. However, some are already appearing on Tumblr blogs – and as usual the bloggers are happy to place them next to adult erotic material, with no sources or links.

In the end I decided to publish the ones that are already out there, plus a selection that shows the range of approaches the photographer has used that make every portrait different and vital – jut ten in total (plus the header). His name is Jean-Paul Cotte, from Marseilles, and his daughter’s name is Jade. He’s done other portraits of girls, and I feel happy to dip into those at a later date – in the meantime, remember that the whole gallery needs to be looked at on Facebook (image-link below) to get the full effect – and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.











….Jean-Paul is apparently self-taught, and is married to Aurore C-lou – who seems to be an extremely attractive woman: see the Facebook image-link below with (presumably) their son. And here’s the lucky chap (and excellent photographer) himself:




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