Kira Yanenko by Danil Golovkin

Kira Yanenko by Danil Golovkin


This is a new portrait of eight-year-old Kira Yanenko (from Krasnodar in Russia), by Danil Golovkin. I’ve previously posted on Kira here – and if I can blow my own trumpet, it’s a really packed post with dozens of lovely, intriguing portraits of this strangely-fascinating model.

There’s even a bts shot of Danil and Kira preparing this very portrait:


….and Kira giving the intrepid photographer a hug:


….the portrait itself reminds me of another recent(ish) posting:


…..which started out as an apparent submission to a Tumblr blog by a girl called Cassie, and has now resurfaced, losing its original source along the way. The similarities are rather superficial, but enough to indicate how much Kira has matured since the earlier post – she has other shots from the session on Instagram:


6LIYGvezpwkL-lanczos3 (1)



……and you can see why Danil didn’t use the first one, at least, as it makes her feet look rather like Shrek’s…….

I said in the linked post that she was a strange mini-model in that she pretty well only did studio/art photography, although being with a normal Russian agency, Shtorm – and in fact fourteen weeks ago the New York-based ADB (Angela de Bona) Agency announced that they’d signed her (tho’ Shtorm still have her on their site) – and in fact just four weeks later were saying that their “mini supermodel” was “slaying” and “owning” the runway while walking at Pitti Bimbo (tho’ being Kira she achieved it with her usual slightly disaffected expression):

She says that ADB is her “Mother” Agency – still mentioning the Russian President Kids (and Danil is Russia-based) – so I guess she’s trying the tricky route of going international. One thing that, for sentimental reasons, makes me love her little white cotton socks is that her motto is: “Though She Be Little, She Is Fierce“…….here’s a loop of seven of her earlier looks (and the header is a teaser for her earlier apparitions featured in the linked post):


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