For the Coffee Addicts….. Maria Koselovskaya by Evgeniya Proyavko

For the Coffee Addicts….. Maria Koselovskaya by Evgeniya Proyavko



Glancing through the Instagram account of a photographer I linked to a couple of days ago (Evgeniya Proyavko), I happened upon these – and immediately thought of the fellow-bloggers who are self-confessed coffee addicts (you know who you are)….. The model is ten-year-old Maria Koselovskaya:



……and as you can see in these “before and after” shots, she started off half-asleep – and now she’s so wide awake she’s prepared to defend her favourite brew with a fearsome-looking…um….. baguette

Evgeniya has images of half-asleep models and coffee pots as a running joke on her feed:





…..tho’ I’m not sure how milk is going to wake you up….

The rest of her portfolio is pleasant, but sometimes suffers from the tradition of static portraits – demonstrating that more time was spent on preparing the hairstyle, make up and outfit than on setting up the shot in an imaginative way – I salvaged the ones that seemed to have more life:




















….my favourite:


…….and while this isn’t exactly the boudoir of a couple of posts ago, Evgeniya herself certainly has the figure for the genre:


…….maybe she takes green coffee bean extract to suppress her appetite? My tum sure isn’t that flat…..

#goodmorning 😍 Совместная работа с @natali_stylist и @polly_artyukhina 💕

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5 thoughts on “For the Coffee Addicts….. Maria Koselovskaya by Evgeniya Proyavko

  1. Hi it’s me Laurie again and I have to say that not only am I very impressed with this post as the photographer takes some be lovely photographs but the young model is a true darling as well. I am currently awaiting some work that is being done to improve my internet situation and when it is done I will finally be able to use my laptop to do some building on my two new wordpress blogs as I am now writing to you from a second blog that I have a lot of material that will be added when I am ready. I am just so amazed by how constant you are with your posting and the amount of material that you share is also commendable. I enjoyed this posting very much and I will have a lot to share very shortly as I am in high hopes everything will be solved for me on the 13th of April. So until then I thank you for your very interesting posts and wonderful shared interests.
    -Laurie Anne

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    1. Hi Laurie – I’m looking forward to your new blogs – though I’ve noticed that the “Simply for Beauty” Tumblr is getting a lot of reposts (particularly the lovely Meg Bitton swirly dress) – glad you liked my latest post: that model is seriously underused – just two measly blog pages on Fkids…

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  2. Actually what I did on purpose was repost almost the entire month of july as there were a lot of post that frankly i feel just never got any exposure and also i as i mentioned have been having internet issues and so I just decided to be lazy and repost a crapload to give some of them a little more exposure since I like a lot of my earlier posts from back then and they never got seen by so many of my followers as most people do not check back. i plan to make some new postings when i get my wordpress blogs rockin’ in a couple days!
    -Laurie Anne

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