Photography and Photoshop: Beautiful Dutch Girl by Aurel Manea and Innocence by Eryc TSang/Eric Zen

Photography and Photoshop: Beautiful Dutch Girl by Aurel Manea and Innocence by Eryc TSang/Eric Zen


This is an original photograph by Aurel Manea – a young Romanian who started taking photographs “for romantic reasons“… and it turned into first a hobby, and then a job. His professional name is Dystalgia:

The way I figured it out it is an imaginary word that represents a sort of nostalgia  towards a past or present that never was. but with the right choices and circumstances could have been. Due to exposure to psychedelics I now have a vision of the world where reality is just another dream in an infinity of possible dreams that make up an infinity of possible worlds and ways to exist in this weird little universe of ours.” (

He doesn’t give the portrait a name on Facebook (it was uploaded in November 2010 – see the image-link below), but on his site he entitles it Beautiful Dutch Girl. Online, however it’s almost universally called Innocence. Why? Because of this:


……a beautiful piece of ‘shopping by a Chinese artist from Guangzhou who calls himself Eryc TSang on DeviantArt, while on the CG Society site he posts as both Eryc TSang and Eric Zen. On both he describes it as “an innocent girl’s portrait I found on internet” – and consequently entitles it Innocence – but with no source.

Now I’m not posting this to get particularly at this one artist – and ironically Aurel’s main job is as a 3D artist/technical artist and lead 3D artist in a studio in Bucharest – so while probably not using Photoshop like Eryc/Eric, at least someone who is unlikely to get too sniffy at a digital artist’s work.  As usual it’s just the laziness in not acknowledging the creator of the image that provided him with the inspiration, as well as most of the actual work itself – and then on ArtStation, for example, publishing it as his own by copyright. The new portrait is lovely, as I’ve said – and to heap irony on irony, it’s been reused a hundred times (or more) by fanfic obsessives desperate for the perfect face for their Twilight/Game of Thrones/Harry Potter girl character: and they don’t bother acknowledging anyone….and certainly don’t take any notice of Eryc’s “copyright”….

He seems to be particularly keen on Chloe Grace Moretz (see header, as well):


….obviously also from some photographer’s portfolio.

Finally (and rather weirdly, given the billions of possible portraits in existence to render), a girl’s back view:


……cute, but weird…..maybe it was for a client or project – the head-tilt is very realistic….


One thought on “Photography and Photoshop: Beautiful Dutch Girl by Aurel Manea and Innocence by Eryc TSang/Eric Zen

  1. It takes all kinds, but I’ve never gotten the fuss over Chloe. She’s okay, but I’ll admit that scene in Kick-Ass, when she took a bullet in the chest, made me laugh so hard I almost lost a lung.

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