Three Hundred and Seventy Hits Later….

[See the end of the post for a sort-of resolution…..]


….after thirty-seven Google reverse-search hits pages (ten on each page), still no source……and it’s so well shot – clearly showing the reason for the girl’s discomfort, but without sentimentalising – and in a humongous format:


Most of the first couple of pages are taken up by – logically because Google‘s analytics aimlessly cite pages that are near or linked to the specific one that carries it – I just hope she paid for it (she makes money, I don’t)…. Then there are the Asperger’s blogs, bullying blogs, social exclusion sites, you name it…

Anyway, my cropped girl is visually a beautiful portrait just on its own – I’d love to see it reused for whatever seems pertinent: alone she “just” appears sad, thoughtful, resigned, even sleepy – the social element in her distress being removed….if only real life was that simple……

[If you see Arizona‘s comment below the post, you’ll find a link to the Creatas/Jupiter stock-image group site – one of whose photographers (uncredited) produced the original image. Here’s a related shot – it’s nice to see the girl looking happy, sentimental mutts that we are….]

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4 thoughts on “Three Hundred and Seventy Hits Later….

    1. Hi Arizona,
      the image is by Creatas/Jupiter – an enormous image conglomerate based in Pasadena, with about twenty different stock-image brands/subsidiaries – I think finding the name of the photographer would be difficult. Anyway, an amazing find as usual – and adding the other linked shots to the post will make the girl’s well-shot discomfort even more clearly the work of a good stylist/photographer. Thanks.

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