Maja Z by Ulla Wolk: Little Ballerina

Maja Z by Ulla Wolk: Little Ballerina


Ulla Wolk is a Slovenian photographer/retoucher, with a portfolio mainly made up of…….boudoir (again). She’s based in a village in northwestern Slovenia  – but writes in perfect English all over the web, and her home site is bi-lingual. The boudoir is interesting in that it tends to promote a type of feminine beauty that is more Melania than Ivanka (the former Melanija Knavs coming from a more southerly part of the country, near the Croatian border) – a lot of make up, rather rigid ‘dos, and more passive than kick-ass…..

Ulla is, however, refreshingly different from her portraits:

“Being a photographer is unlike anything I ever expected, but I can’t describe the feeling of satisfaction and happiness that I get when I am looking at a woman in front of me – a wife, a mother, a daughter, a bride, a grandmother…When I can feel her energy, when we connect and I can see her beauty revealed in my photographs. Her smile and her pride, when she sees it too, that moment she takes a look at her photographs for the very first time. I wouldn’t change that for the world.” (

…….and the mention of “daughter” leads me on to her dabbling in children’s portraits – or rather one child, Maja Z. Ulla has kids, I know, and if it wasn’t for the “Z” I might have done my usual trick of jumping to conclusions based on rather flimsy evidence. Here is Maja, delightfully dusted with freckles:















……who seems to naturally look rather unimpressed with the photographic process….

I’ll leave you with an example by Ulla of Melania from her previous existence as a model, cheekily wearing a smiley-face sticker to show her contempt for Facebook‘s nipple-recognition software (actually a rather sweaty man in a trailer in Menlo Park). Only joking, Mel, I’m not rich like the Daily Mail……



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