Censoring the Easter Bunny? Anastasia Bezrukova by Zhanna Romashka/Bianca



…..just to keep up with the Easter theme of a lot of blog posts, here’s one of the real superstars of girls’ fashion modelling – thirteen-year-old Anastasia Bezrukova – wearing stylised black lace bunny ears (and veil). The portraits are also notable for the deep decolletage to the outfit, photographed by Russian (and current Milan resident) Zhanna Romashka/Bianca – who now usually has “socialite” attached to her professional credentials.

There seems to be some difference in the tones of her chest and her arms, but similar to her face: and although at this age Anastasia would have had the usual flat chest, here it looks almost male….and there are the much more diffused b&w versions with a markedly more normal cut to the top – and these are the ones used by Anastasia (see Instagram link below):



……but they’re always b&w: if the colour ones are Photoshopped – where did they come from? The two logical possibilities are that it’s a case of an original that was deemed too risqué, and so was edited to be more acceptable (my theory) – or a colour version that was discovered by someone who decided it needed to be a little controversial (I think less probable….)

Anyway, it makes a more interesting pursuit than hunting for Easter eggs….

And our two protagonists? Well, Zhanna’s Instagram feed (she seems to have deleted her Flickr account, more’s the pity) doesn’t have much space for model portraits as she swans round Milan in big hats, showing off her still-admirable legs – but Anastasia is definitely her favourite (see image link below). Zhanna’s married with a young son, and although it’s easy to be snidey about the tendency to Zsa Zsa Gabor self-parody, you have to admire the sheer determination and force of character that enables her to fill her feed with a bewildering number of outfits and styles, all presented with perfect make-up and hair (even a selfie with Paris Hilton).  As she reaches her Melania years, I wonder if she feels jealous of her little models – who can roll out of bed in the morning, already looking fresh as daisies….

And here’s one particular daisy, blowing in the wind (machines)

By @alena.kunda.photography #anastasiabezrukova

A post shared by Anastasia Bezrukova (@anastasiabezrukovaofficial) on

💄Repost from my favorite @marinaroy11 💋💋💋#anastasiabezrukova #beauty #backstage #hairstyle

A post shared by Anastasia Bezrukova (@anastasiabezrukovaofficial) on

And I suspect Anastasia had a fair bit of MUH on these two final examples of her numerous collaborations with Zhanna (and even if it isn’t very gallant, see what you make of her, ahem,  chest…..)….



…..and really finally, an example of the next generation of mini-models: at thirteen Anastasia’s coming to the end of this part of her career – and she’s already had big rôles in two films – one written with her specifically in mind. This lovely shot shows that Zhanna still hasn’t lost it, either:


some time ago…👯 #anastasiabezrukova #vogue@zhanna_bianca

A post shared by Anastasia Bezrukova (@anastasiabezrukovaofficial) on


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