ToniChella: Happy Legs

ToniChella: Happy Legs


Trying to beat Thflg at his own game, I picked up on this fashion item – Wow, I thought, thigh-highs and fake thigh tattoos, naive fashionista that I am… But no, they’re tights with flesh-coloured uppers that carry the Hello Kitty (or similar) tats:

…….and the possibilities are über-cute – first just simple socks:


……if those aren’t fashionable enough, tights with no design:


……then come the designs:






…….and finally front and back, standing up:



…..and here’s a reprise of the model in a longer shot, without the ToniChella logo:

ToniChella? It’s a Russian online store on the site: and it says that it “manufactures” the tights – tho’ I’d guess they’re a typical Chinese sweatshop item…….my only disappointment is that the featured tights with the tats are in the promotion, but don’t seem to be for sale… Now they’re really cool…’d just need a rather short skirt….


3 thoughts on “ToniChella: Happy Legs

  1. Gotta admit, it’s a neat idea. Without a hem across the top of the design it looks really crisp, like paint. Hope they do start selling them, don’t let a clever idea go to waste.

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    1. Maybe in countries like South Korea or Japan, where there’s a tradition of thigh-highs and suitable short skirts to show them off – here in Italy it would just be little sprogs – cute, but missing out on their potentiality for really cute meltdown…

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