Love French Bulldogs – Sentimental, But….

Love French Bulldogs – Sentimental, But….








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Realising that my taste in portraits doesn’t really extend beyond “cute” as far as “Awww, Cute!!!” – i.e. sentimental (little boy with flowers behind his back standing in front of pretty girl etc.), I thought I’d address it in the most comprehensive (and lazy) way possible. The images above all come from an Italian-language Tumblr blog called Love French Bulldogs (tho’ he/she seems to confuse the breed with Boston Terriers a lot of the time) – think of it as the conflation of a number of Pinterest boards: interior decoration, brides, flower arrangements, French Bulldogs/Boston Terriers, and……cute children….some definitely “Awww, Cute!!!” – and 90% girls. They are usually depicted between the scraping-poop-off-nappies/diapers and the doing-drugs-in-bathroom ages – so reasonably attractive – and there’s no visible sex, so they even arrive with nothing to suggest the intrusion of dirty ol’ reality.

Before starting the gallery, there’s one particularly welcome portrait in the blog – a young Zuzanna Tarnacki, I imagine by Gina Kim (see link below for both):


……as you can see, the selection contains a few hoary old stalwarts of Pinterest-type cute girls/my-future-daughter-will-look-like-this boards, including models like KPim, Zuzanna again, Mackenzie Foy, Anastasia Bezrukova, etc., etc. – but also some portraits that are new to me, and demonstrating really good taste in the process (I’d have killed for that lovely big Carmen Taberner image at the beginning, when I was doing two posts on the brand – and the sixth picture with the Lena Fed watermark will be appearing in a post not far from here in the near future….)…

Oh, and a number of the portraits in the gallery, including the  pretty featured image above the title (entitled Allegra) and the b&w portrait in the image link below, are by Mari Crea.


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