Yoga Pants: No……Idolatry: Definitely!! Anna Sutormina by Ivan Marais; Julia Mayer and Aroa Renau

Yoga Pants: No……Idolatry: Definitely!! Anna Sutormina by Ivan Marais; Julia Mayer and Aroa Renau


……you sure don’t see as many witches around as you used to, but bigots with placards seem to be proliferating…

“Idolatry” is obviously a rather silly term for the basic respect I feel for the three models I’m catching up on today: but while I know you can tweak a Facebook or Instagram feed to give a false impression of the user, these three girls come across as charming, unspoilt individuals in every post…..also probably thanks to their mothers (named – or they will be…)! I’m starting with Annie Sutormina since she’s the only one with a new session that’s crying out to be shared with a bigger audience (and, by the way, you must click on her Instagram mini-gallery image-link below, as it has a number of equally lovely portraits that aren’t in mine):











…..the photographer is a new name to me: Paris-based Ivan Marais: and in fact I’ve used another mini-gallery post by Ivan of Annie’s older sister Svetlana as his image-link. Here are some of his portraits of other models – Svetlana also being the first:









……and full marks to Annie, her mother Olga Grinchenko (see image-link below) and her agency for going with a photographer who definitely brings something different to a session – even tho’ he seems to be rather a one-trick pony at the moment – I’m sure he’ll develop…

One of the first of Annie’s friends to comment on the set (Uraaah! Beauty!!) was Polina Volkova – really satisfying for me after having used a gorgeous double portrait of the two together as a header here. Polina, by the way, hasn’t produced much new material recently – here’s one from a bit ago (just to add some colour):


Julia Mayer‘s social media are also rather quiet – but it’s a good opportunity to show her with her Dad, after publishing a lovely shot of her Mum Jane Gonzalez and her brother Max here (while the Instagram link to Jane’s feed is a lovely retouch she’s done of a dramatic portrait of Julia). It’s celebrating Father’s Day (exactly the same shape of face, set of eyes, jaw-line, smile…):


……and a relatively recent portrait – very elegant:


……Aroa has a few more recent shots, but no stand-out sets that I can see:






….the last couple aren’t in fact all that recent – and the very last one was used by her Mum Silvia on her Instagram and Facebook feeds to celebrate her tenth birthday back in January…..and to supply the perfect place for me to finish celebrating all three…..and their mothers….

снэпы @ivanmaraisphoto

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