Orphan Annies….

Reblogging this since so much has been added: obviously all credit goes to the intrepid image-busters…

Girls' Portraiture

[See the end of the post for the results of some great detective work….]


This looks like a typical Instagram or Facebook photo taken by the model’s parent, and uploaded to their feed – it’s clearly Annie Sutormina (I’ll give a linkhere, to avoid gushing) – but I can’t find it in the obvious places…….so, not exactly an orphan, but found wandering the streets (well, a Tumblr blog…)

[OK, in the end I found it lurking in the depths of her Instagram feed – but the title’s too good to be affected by a little thing like the truth!!! – see the image link for some humble pi-xels.]

Here’s another rounded up by Tumblr social workers:


…..again, she’s recognisable – Skyla Jay Carpenter, posted on herewith the accompanying epithet “probably the most beautiful eyes I’ve seen on a girl model” –…

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