A Cactus in the Ass: Emma Tunbridge for Chloé (via Childrensalon)

A Cactus in the Ass: Emma Tunbridge for Chloé (via Childrensalon)


…….or as British photographer Emma Tunbridge more delicately puts it, after shooting all day at the Sheilam cactus farm in South Africa:

Bring back the sun! But I’ll happy leave reversing repeatedly into spikes that day as a memory……” (see image-link below)

I don’t know who the model above is – presumably provided by a local agency – but it’s nice to see a fresh face……Smudgetikka names Eva, Tatum and Rebecca, but without reference to particular shots:










…..I feel sorry for the girls – I bet Emma was wearing long pants, at least…..here she is:


The header is from a different session by Emma, and the Chloé link is to a Facebook post, since their Instagram seems to consist of about 6,000 posts of leggy adult females….however, their young girl styles are really beautiful and romantic……when you can find them…. While the sponsor of the session, Childrensalon, have a Flipagram image link below:

Be a Chloé girl #Chloe (Swipe left to discover more)

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