A Little Mystery: Teresa by Isa Battaglin

A Little Mystery: Teresa by Isa Battaglin


Just one more post that relates to Isa Battaglin, the Los Angeles-based headshot globetrotter, then I’ll (try to) give her a rest. This relates to one of her flying visits to Florence, Italy, where she took the lovely portrait above. Now I’m not exaggerating when I say that she has thousands of absolutely gorgeous shots of the cream of American, European and Australian models (tho’ Russia is an unfortunate gap) – on both Facebook and Instagram….but for some reason this has been my favourite. Following it up via the girl’s mother’s Facebook account (that Isa links to, but doesn’t carry this particular portrait), it seems clear that her eleven-year-old daughter (Teresa) isn’t a model – and obviously there’s no reason she has to be. I’m just intrigued why they went to the trouble and expense to prep her and have the shot(s) taken.

Whatever the story is, she is an absolutely beautiful child, with a face-structure, eyes, eyebrows…..well, everything…..just perfect. But let’s face it: the world reflected in this blog is a bubble – most child-models in the end go back to a normal life quite happily, and there’s far more to living than just being the object at the end of someone’s camera lens…….good luck to her, whatever she does…. (By the way, I haven’t given her a surname, since although her mother is Cristina Ciofi (see link at bottom), Italian women don’t take their husband’s surname – and the children usually take their father’s.)




3 thoughts on “A Little Mystery: Teresa by Isa Battaglin

    1. Quite possibly it was a birthday present, or something like that, and modelling was never the intention…….but I’ve noticed anyway that I’ve never posted on an Italian girl model – amazingly Spanish-based girls like Julia Mayer (a gorgeous set for Massimo Dutti for example) and Aroa go to Italy to model for the endless high-end Italian girls’ fashion houses…..weird…

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