Unexpected Connections: Skyla Jay Carpenter – Laura Niemas & Michelle – Maisie de Krassel

Unexpected Connections: Skyla Jay Carpenter – Laura Niemas & Michelle – Maisie de Krassel

Here’s an idea for a second blog: post a pretty model/fashion/photographer Instagram image along with an encouraging comment from another model/photographer/brand user – then post one of theirs with accompanying comment from the next model/photographer/brand feed…..well, you get the idea. The beauty is the unexpected connections – people you’d never expect to be following a particular feed in a million years… Here’s my first example:


……a beautiful portrait of Australian model/cheerleader Skyla Jay Carpenter by fellow Aussie Michael Murchie (referred to in the previous post, and represented by this portrait (among others) in one of the blog’s best-ever galleries here – and her image link below is a mini-vid, by the way). The enthusiastic commenter was Laura Niemas (or her Mum – with kids’ accounts you’re never quite sure) – who left all these awestruck smileys: 😮 😮 😮 😮 . Laura, remember, is the Spain-based Polish model who is a mainstay of the Saint Claire clothing brand, while being represented by Sugar Kids. And here’s one of her most recent Instagram portraits, in two versions:


…..this being pleasingly similar to the treatment in the Skyla Jay portrait, albeit in b&w…


…….while this is more natural….and who are they by? Isa Battaglin, who also appeared in the previous post…. Ok, it’s all getting too incestuous –  which I think would ultimately be the problem for the putative second blog: you’d never come up with people or brands you hadn’t heard of before. So here’s one from out of left field:


……Michelle, the “baby fashionista” wearing a BangBang Copenhagen outfit in mother Eva Koziol‘s Instagram feed (under the name of Ewkak – see below for link). Now Michelle is all grumps (tho’ she looks happy enough with her play make-up in the header), and I must admit to being surprised at seeing the following comment: “Omg we adore her!!!!” from the always-cheerful Maisie de Krassel – the “we” possibly indicating a parental use of what is considered to be youth-speak…..anyway, the next flower in the daisy-chain is a lovely shot of Maisie from her feed:


….as you can see from the watermark, by fellow-Californian Alex Kruk (….managing to avoid the Isa Battaglin ones….)…….and who left these ❤ ❤ ❤ ? Laura Niemas!! Yes, it’s all coming round in a rather tight circle…..bang goes another great idea….



4 thoughts on “Unexpected Connections: Skyla Jay Carpenter – Laura Niemas & Michelle – Maisie de Krassel

  1. I think it’s probably the case that their mothers follow a slew of model feeds, and pop in something enthusiastic whenever a particularly nice image gets posted – but they really aren’t the particular models you’d somehow expect…..


  2. I saw similar pleasantry-exchanges in the Thylane Blondeau – Kristina Pimenova – Laneya Grace triangle too. And I’m almost certain that I also saw Laura Niemas’s (or her mother’s) comments or emojis on their Instagram pages.


  3. I must admit I fought shy of Instagram for a long time – associating it more with wannabe-models like Kristin Leible, rather than seasoned professionals: now I’ve reluctantly realised that it’s the most used platform even by photographers – Yana Chuvalova instead of DeviantArt, Zhanna Bianca instead of Flickr, etc. As I said in a previous post, it isn’t the best platform for my purposes – but that’s my problem….. With comments and follows, I think being part of a big group of models – like both Laura and Maisie being represented by Sugar Kids – means that they, their mum – or even a corporate drudge – follow girls they meet or work with, and oil the wheels. I’d like to think it’s pure girlish affection – and maybe it is – but they must sleep sometimes….🌛🌛🌛🌛


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