Patrick Amsellem (Featuring Justine Fabre)

Patrick Amsellem (Featuring Justine Fabre)


How many Patrick Amsellems could there be? Well, Facebook has at least twelve, and if you’re looking for someone to do with photography, the Associate Curator of Photography at the Brooklyn Museum would seem like a good bet…..except the one I was looking for lives in Paris. Luckily his Instagram and Facebook avatars are the same, and rather memorable, reminding me of poor old Julia Mayer and Elia Mas Blanque draped in octupi/octopuses, here.  197668_3616989218246_178584530_nPatrick’s avatar is a bit creepy, giving an Alien touch to the image…

As a photographer you get the impression he’s at the beginning of his career – with only 57 posts on Instagram so far, and nothing professional on Facebook (in fact only two images) – while the address for a home site touted on Instagram: doesn’t seem to work. The image above comes from one of his few sessions, at the Terrasse Hotel, sponsored by Kidsmagazine – here are the rest (including the header):








……the final portrait also having an associated shot of the MUH, Stéphanie Clerc, prepping the younger model:


Meanwhile the older girl has left a lot of praise for Patrick on Instagram, and posted an outtake:


…..her name being Justine Fabre – tho’ as you can see from the link below, her (Mum-run) account is @justine_ladojuju. Like Patrick she doesn’t have a big portfolio – just 66 posts – not a lot for a wannabe model, but she did appear in the 2014 action thriller Mea Culpa as Manon, so maybe she’s another model with her eyes really on acting….here she is looking relaxed while pretending to read the sponsoring magazine:


Given the nature of his feed, there’s not much to add about Patrick, but here are two lovely shots from a different session:



……these possibly showing more promise than the hotel session, tho’ that is pleasant in a quirky sort of way….. more Gallic company for Franck Malthiery, Olivier Ribardière and Gérard Harten, perhaps?

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    1. I thought of putting a trigger warning at the beginning, thinking of you …..but it was all on one page….just don’t click that link!! (By the way, I’ve got a nice portrait by Anna Ajtner of her daughter Sandra similarly draped that I must get around to adding….)

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