Mae Groben by Zoe Berkovic for Velveteen (Featuring Molly Magnuson)

Mae Groben by Zoe Berkovic for Velveteen (Featuring Molly Magnuson)


…..photographers, go figure……apparently the tall format girl is asleep, while the wide format girl is…….you guessed it……


……wide awake – and wondering, not for the first time, why fashion photographers seem to be so fascinated by her bare feet…..maybe because this one wants her to ….jump on the furniture!!


…..the model is beautifully red-haired Mae Groben, the photographer fellow New Yorker Zoe Berkovic. Zoe seems to like trying out Mae both asleep and awake:




……and the stylist, Jessica Zindren (see image link below), seems to like matching her with Victorian interiors (and keep on standing on the furniture – well, it looks pretty solid):






15802340_934686316633579_3376446960172007424_n (1)

….at least for the Autumn/Winter collections of Velveteen – in the Summer the three of them (photographer, model and stylist – plus a couple of other girls) escape to cowboy country – well, the upstate-New York version, anyway:













….well, one of them’s wearing cowboy boots, at least…..

The reason for the styles and the foray into a slightly wider-open-yonder apparently lies with Velveteen founder Laura Egloff:

My vision for Velveteen has always been based on my childhood memories of growing up in the agricultural heart of Southern California. We grew up riding horses in the fields and chasing waves on the beach. The SS17 Collection was inspired by these lovely memories of summer holidays spent with my sister in the dusty open fields of California exploring hidden pathways and sharing secrets. I love how easy this collection is to wear yet it still looks so sophisticated and fun without being fussy.” (Laura Egloff, on Pirouette Blog. Ms Egloff lives in Hong Kong with her Swiss husband and two small children.)

………which doesn’t explain the Victorian-themed set, but it is all promotion, after all….

And Mae Groben? She’s new to me – another lovely New York model to go (red)head-to-(red)head with one of my favourites, Hope Springer, Zuzanna Tarnacki‘s bestie…

Just to give her a bit more of an introduction, these (and the header) are by Molly Magnuson (image-link below):







……just like Hope – and obviously most redheads – she’s got that alabaster skin to go with the hair (but seemingly not the usual freckles)…..clearly a model to watch out for in the future….probably with ever more sessions displaying her (admittedly pretty) bare feet….

Sleeping beauty dreaming of the weekend #velveteenclothing #childhoodwithstyle

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