Rock & Roll: Lola Ahumada for Marcela Koury A/W 2014 via Flickr and YouTube

Rock & Roll: Lola Ahumada for Marcela Koury A/W 2014 via Flickr and YouTube

I’ll start with the YouTube video that actually names the two models, Lola and Mia:

……Lola Ahumada is the one on the right in the shot below with her finger to her lips (see link below). There is another girl in the accompanying campaign images on Flickr (see link below) for the Argentinian brand Marcela Koury – but as she’s not in the vid, she doesn’t get named. First, Barbie fuchsia (really – that’s its name) and black (maybe Batman black….) – the outfits are underwear and pjs/leisurewear……..and a hat:






……and then pink and cream (boring names…..):




There’s a slight nod at a more edgy vibe than the colours would suggest – with the graphics trying to channel rock & roll and a cute heart-eyed skull – but since the brand only sells underwear and sleepwear for kids (and some swimwear, coming up), no-one’s going to know what a little rebel you are underneath anyway…..

There’s one shot on Flickr that mixes up the pre-teen Moustache collection with the younger girls’ Rock & Roll:


……..while the only other promotional/catalogue image I’ve found for the A/W 2014 collection is this:


…….reminding me strongly of one of the most exuberant collections of girls’ swimwear ever, by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada (for which I can’t find a useful link – I’ll try to do a post on it):


……the Marcela Koury one is just an alternative shot of Lola wearing the crop-top outfit – here.

There are other sets on Flickr: pretty, but not as dynamic as the Rock & Roll ones – two swimwear portraits (‘shopped or twins – I give in…..):



and if you aren’t tired of pink yet…….:




With the MK brand, it’s interesting to compare the girl models and their young adult/adult model equivalents – since they (ostensibly) cover the entire age-range. One of their most hyped models is Luisana LopilatoMichael Bublé‘s wife:


….and physically a typical underwear model. Lola is still at the stage where she’s not sure if she wants to look elegant – or go climb a tree….. Here’s a video – demonstrating her acting as much as her modelling skills (there’s a brief shot of her with Mia at about 1:43):

…….seemingly like all the girls I’m featuring these days, she’s appeared in a couple of films and mini-series – in particular the horror film Resurrection (Argentina 2015)…….I wonder if standing around in briefs holding a finger to her lips came in useful…..or she saw many skulls with cute hearts for eyes………?


tu traje de baño ideal para hacer splash! POOL PARTY🌊💦🎉

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A ponerle onda a un dia gris

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