Sylvain Homo for MiPac Mini (Featuring Tom Leighton)

Sylvain Homo for MiPac Mini (Featuring Tom Leighton)

This is the lovely portrait that led me to French photographer Sylvain Homo (yes, dear reader, that is his name):


……so sweet even the Mormons like her (here – but they seem to have mistaken a nine-year-old for an English major…..).

It is in fact a promotional shot for a backpack company – MiPac  – but as it’s from the 2015 collection, doesn’t feature on their site – but is still on associated blogs. I wonder if BYU paid for the shot? Luckily I also came up with another one from the session – that neither the photographer or his agents seem to have preserved:


…..I presume she’s whispering “Go to Brigham Young and they’ll enroll you for a Master’s….” The treatment reminds me strongly of the photographs (including the header) for Hucklebones by Londoner Tom Leighton (@photosbytomtom – see the link below: the entire feed is a great insight into London life, particularly in Camberwell – and Sylvain himself also works in London sometimes):




… fact it would be much easier to do a post on Tom than Sylvain – except the owner of Hucklebones is (perfectly understandably) very protective of his copyright – I only hope he would see this post as referencing the photographer’s style more than the brand being photographed.

And why is Sylvain difficult? Mainly because of the dearth of sessions involving girl models. The most reblogged one is the following for MilK Magazine – tho’ given modern sensibilities, children being chased by a big bear is rather problematic (see the whole set here):






Anyway, a short bio:

“Sylvain Homo was born in the north west of France in the late 70s. After his cinema studies he moved to Paris in 2003. He works between London and Paris for both press editorial and advertising commissions.” (

……and what remains of his relevant work (the girl with dark brown/black hair in most of the images is his niece, as it says in the link below):






….as you can see, these are pleasant, but it’s the minimalist, warm-but-stark MiPac set that really catches the eye – less can be more……

My little niece as a robot for @milk_magazine with @tomashtonbooth and @veritypemberton #sylvainhomo

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3 thoughts on “Sylvain Homo for MiPac Mini (Featuring Tom Leighton)

  1. The link for your BYU English major is abgefuckt; drop the http://www..

    When I was in college we were all fine disciplined adults, but I visited a campus a few years ago and I swear they were all at the age of the young lady in denim, just a bunch of kids! My only other theory is that I’m as old as dirt – but nah, that can’t be right.

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  2. Hi – yeah, I had problems following the original link I found, and arrived by the back door, scrolling through the English Dept.’s blog – I’ll adjust it…. Maybe Sylvain has it somewhere as stock – but it doesn’t show up as such when you search. However, I can’t imagine upstanding LDS members half-inching someone else’s property…

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