Pavel Kolotenko:  Taking Stock in Public…..

Pavel Kolotenko: Taking Stock in Public…..

This is an interesting demonstration of what a prolific photographer publishes on Facebook, and what he keeps watermark-welded on stock image sites. The photographer is Pavel Kolotenko, from the large Ukrainian city of Dnipropetrovsk. Here are the two sets – first the only two of her on Facebook dressed in a dance outfit (there are others in dresses, shorts, a coat etc. – see further down):



……clearly the same girl, and both are also sold on various stock sites – the second one visible on a number of commercial sites that have clearly paid for it: his biggest success from this set, as far as I can see. The first image is also popular – but always cropped – as in my header. It’s interesting to speculate whether he felt happier to put them on a downloadable social medium since they were already watermark-free all over the web.

The other portraits featuring this model (none of which are on Facebook, as I said) I’ve only found as watermarked stock images – all except four. Now this doesn’t mean that he’s never sold any other shots of her as a dancer – there are quite a few, and I’ve only done a relatively superficial check. Anyway, these are the other photos that I’ve found (other than the two above) without watermarks:

Little girl wearing sport clothing sitting on the  floor, having rest




Before going any further, I’d just like to credit both photographer and model. The portraits are clear, well-shot, and appealing – with the unnamed girl adding agility, grace and force of character to her natural attractiveness – and if they fit a potential client’s purpose (apparently jazz dance for the one in the link below), I can’t imagine that they wouldn’t be completely acceptable (obviously at the right price).

Here’s the rest of the set (but given that he seems to retain different combinations on different stock sites, there could well be others):







……as I said above, he has used the same model for portraits in non-dance outfits (these are from Facebook, but he sells them as well) – with no real coherence in terms of the outfits or the treatments:







……she’s an excellent model – and while he could have named her on Facebook (but didn’t) – there’s absolutely no chance with stock….

Finally one small extra – about the only other image of a girl that he seems to have bothered with (there’s one other on Instagram – linked below – out of a measly 50+ images – but they could well be the same model) – and it’s a little strange, to say the least…..:


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