Kylie Ann Newbatt by Max Eremine, Rena Durham and Luciana Nocks

Kylie Ann Newbatt by Max Eremine, Rena Durham and Luciana Nocks

This doesn’t look too impressive – a photographer in the studio taking shots of a model, aided by an air blower – until you see the result….:

…..obviously the portrait below wasn’t taken necessarily in that part of the session, but I’m always so impressed with the result that the artist is purposefully preparing:


….and again I don’t know how much editing the photographer did – but whatever the original set up and the final tweaking….the portrait is subtle, beautiful and wonderfully delicate….

The photographer is Atlanta-based Max Eremine (whom I previously posted on here), and the model – as in the Instagram username – is Kylie Ann Newbatt from right up near the Canadian border in Bellingham, Washington: and it’s Max that travels – even as far as London. He’s three posts into a new venture – a parallel Instagram diary of his travels (, including “tips, tricks and gear advice”: and this is the man who already adds detailed information about every set up for every shot he posts (see image link below). What I’m hoping to find out (not being a photographer) is how he arranges everything – does he have initial client contacts that make him choose a particular itinerary; does he usually fly – and how scary is it flying with bags full of highly expensive equipment; does he rent studio space or have obliging friends everywhere…..etc., etc. And this guy is a bona fide genius – it should be very interesting…

Getting back to Kylie Ann, it’s clear she’s at that point where her family are paying for sessions, hoping for an agency’s interest – she posted this shot:


…..which is being used for a model search by the Petite Adele girls’ fashion brand – and she wistfully commented: “Would love to model these pretty dresses!”……even though in fact the brand was looking for a girl based right down in southern California.

What makes it particularly significant is that the model second from the right is Maisie de Krassel, and the shot is by Isa Battaglin (I’ve given up apologising….), and you may remember a big post on Maisie that included this portrait by Isa:


……an old-ish shot reposted by her mother (who runs her account) on Instagram – along with the comment:

A throwback for this Sunday. Why not? This picture started her journey.” (Instagram)

…….a clear indication that it was this particular portrait which sparked an agency’s interest (she’s represented by LA Models Youth and Sugar Kids – big, extremely active agencies)…..just the dream Kylie Ann is following… Here are some of her relevant posts:









…….very often with the plaintive tag #scoutme attached. It’s a common story on Instagram, and there are clearly far more girls wanting to be models than openings becoming available – and to some extent the “model search” contests fuel these unrealisable dreams. Kylie Ann took part in the “America’s Next Kids Top Model” competition – her feed being full of appeals to vote for her by email – except a recent post on her mother’s account congratulates the eventual winner from Maui.

This was Kylie Ann’s pitch – and there’s another near the bottom of the post from her mother’s account (#bia_newbatt):

And here are some portraits from her photostream:









……the last image being a repost from Rena Durham, a Los Angeles-based headshot specialist, like Isa – another attempt to provide Kylie Ann with the magic portrait that will impress the agency scouts. She was probably a better bet than Max, given that he bills himself as a “Neo-Noir” photographer – his portrait of her is superb art, but not really what agencies are looking for to see if a girl can sell jeans….ironically Max has even done a portrait of Maisie as well – tho’ it was clearly Isa’s pretty, detailed headshot that started the ball rolling for her. Here’s Max’s shot (for the third time, I think – including the post linked to above – it’s that good):


…..and for him it’s a reasonably expository portrait – tho’ agencies really want a better idea of a girl’s photogenic qualities, particularly with reference to the face.

The other main source of good-quality portraits is another Los Angeles headshot puveyor, Luciana Nocks (see image link below): particularly my header – probably the most appealing portrait Kylie Ann has – and it isn’t even in her photostream, just her mother’s…….I think above anything else, they need some advice and guidance from an industry professional….

Kylie @bia_newbatt By @lunocksphotography #lunocksblackbackground #sneakpeek #lunocksphotography #luciananocks #newwork

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My name is Max Eremine. I am a full-time travelling portrait photographer based out of Atlanta. You can see my current work (including EXIF info and gear used in creation of the images) here @max_eremine You can also see some extended tutorials here: I created this Instagram for photographers interested in learning portrait photography, and to provide some insight into the life of a travelling photographer for those who are interested. I decided to separate my main Instagram account from the photography advice posts simply because the two have different target demographics. The main one is for clients, this one is almost exclusively for photographers. I am on the road 30% of the time. The other 70% I shoot in Atlanta and retouch images I capture on my trips. I photograph people of all ages – models, kids, actors, musicians, you name it. 97% of my shoots are paid client shoots, I only do a few tests every year, and most of the time it's with the models I have worked with before, and for the purpose of testing either new equipment, a new team member, or a new technique. Feel free to ask any questions or message me #TravelingPhotographer #PortraitPhotography #LearnPhotography #MaxPhotoTrek #photography #MaxEremine

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Black and White of Kylie Ann photographed in Seattle

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3 thoughts on “Kylie Ann Newbatt by Max Eremine, Rena Durham and Luciana Nocks

  1. I imagine the competition is as brutal as it is for kids who want to play pro sports, not everyone can make the cover of Vogue. That’s why I like to post the ‘unknowns’ modeling for Walmart, Zulily, or Etsy (or Bili Rae’s Backwater Bridal Boutique in Baton Rouge). They won’t be Maisie in polka dots and pink socks but hopefully they’re having a little fun before getting back to real life.


  2. Having a model/pro photographer as a mom seems to be helpful. Does kinda suck that it’s about the pretty and not the brains, but (I googled) there are tons of programs for smart kids too. Maybe they’re both – a little cutie modeling flower girl dresses now to pay for Harvard later.

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