ID 36343 by Svetlana Mandrikova via Baltic Casting Agency

ID 36343 by Svetlana Mandrikova via Baltic Casting Agency






It seems a bit tough referring to a model just by her agency ID, but that’s the only information they give: whether protecting her identity from other agencies or the general public, I don’t know. Anyway, here is nine-year-old ID 36343‘s Baltic Casting Agency‘s dedicated page, in all its anonymous glory….

Interestingly, they give Russian as both her spoken language and nationality, with Latvia as her country of residence – and the photographer of the set, Svetlana Mandrikova, is an Estonian, currently living in the Latvian capital, Riga, but saying she writes her (deleted – as well as a linked YouTube channel) makeup tutorials in Russian (and has a Russian name). Given all the deletions, I’d say she’s concentrating on stock photography (using Svetography as her tag – also her home site linked to above) – ID 36343’s portraits being examples – the header is one I couldn’t find in a watermark-free environment.

You can find Baltic Casting Agency‘s pride and joy promoting knee socks / ankle socks here – tho’ you suspect it represents just a few dollars going into Svetlana’s stock image account…..

Finally a look at most of the rest of her girl portraiture (the first two being ID – as I call her for short – in a cool leather-jacket-‘n’-jeans combo):







Joking apart – it is a pity that after a girl goes through the exciting process of being chosen by an agency and having her model test and/or portfolio shots taken, she then has those lovely professional portraits published by the agency without her name attached, and equally anonymously as stock images by the photographer. Obviously she’d know this before starting the process – but the word “model” always carries with it rather unrealistic dreams…….let’s hope she’s happy with where she’s got so far – the first two images at the beginning show she’s able to project some emotion and character, as well as the de rigueur happy smiles…..


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