Ava Cross: Ice Cream or Cane….?

Ava Cross: Ice Cream or Cane….?

Mason Cross is actually the author of rather interesting-sounding thrillers, living near Glasgow, but the heroine of this story (or mouthy brat, depending on your viewpoint) is his eleven-year-old daughter Ava.

Citing the Geneva Convention goes a bit far, since it refers to crimes committed during wartime – but collective punishment is usually the last resort of a teacher who is determined to punish someone: even if it logically also includes the innocent….. Or maybe you agree with the only commenter on the story where I found it: MSN’s British news feed:

Oh for the love of…. get a grip. I really think they need the cane back in school these kids are getting way to bloody gobby.” (I’ll leave it unattributed – but she does belong to a hamster care group: I suppose they don’t express opinions…..)

…..needless to say, Twitter was a bit more encouraging…..and supportive of Ava, leading to this result:

The people have spoken…….

…..in my opinion it sounds like a good school, asking the kids for feedback – and they received a perfectly reasonable contribution from Ava – I’d say leading to a useful discussion of whether the pupils have a collective responsibility to help maintain discipline in their class, and failure can also be punished collectively……


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