Polyester Becomes Her: A Rag-bag Including Mirta Groffman, Meg Bitton, Mira Rains and Douuod Kids…..

Polyester Becomes Her: A Rag-bag Including Mirta Groffman, Meg Bitton, Mira Rains and Douuod Kids…..





……a ragbag in the sense that I’ve had these portraits waiting on a post for some time, but lacked a rich enough context to publish them alone….so definitely no offence intended to the models or photographers.

The first set above features that common waif – a good model, well-photographed, in a banal, low-visibility promotion: here a bread-and-butter catalogue entry for a floral polyester dress in (mainly) Indonesian online-clothing shops (here for example). She’d be just as impressive modelling Miss Grant dresses for oligarch’s wives to buy for little Dasha, hugging Anna Pavaga in photo-ops, and filling up a cute Instagram account……but for sheer dumb (bad) luck….


The portrait above I’m pairing with the one below – just for pure similarity of composition – the artists involved being very different. The first is by Ukrainian Mirta Groffman, a talented painter (like a less-symbolic, slightly kitsch Chagall) who maintains a very personal, intimate blog on Livejournal: and this is her daughter Natasha – with the added caption “Is it too soon to send her to Vogue? Or an audition?” (This was back in 2010, and looking at her mother’s Facebook photostream Natasha seems to be a happy, dreamy soul these days. Mirta’s husband Artem is also a photographer – on Facebook and Flickr, but doesn’t really do portraits for general consumption.)

Next is Meg Bitton:


……the model being the great Alethia Rains‘ daughter and muse Mira – Meg saying: “I waited a long time for this one to get in front of my camera.” The study is even available as wallpaper these days (here). Looking at Meg’s work has reminded me that I’ve wanted to do a piece on her Type 1 Diabetes photo-project for some time (sounds a bit heavy-going, but includes some of the loveliest portraiture you’ll ever see – well, at least this month…I’ve put one as the header).

DOUUOD kids_PE17_ph (2)

….and finally –  a post on Smudgetikka’s Tumblr blog alerted me to the industry *blockbuster* that refers to the fact that Italian brand Douuod Kids has signed a licence with Mafrat to widen their customer base through Russia and the Middle East: not interested? Well, if you love the visual cornucopia that is children’s fashion, without these industry openings, a lot of it just wouldn’t get funded……. Colour or b&w? I think I’m almost going with Smudgetikka‘s monochrome: if only they hadn’t tried a craniotomy…..




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