Polina Syrets by Tatiana Les(h)chenko

Polina Syrets by Tatiana Les(h)chenko





…….there’s something about a girl with milky-white skin and freckles that photographers adore – plus this little model – Polina (Pauline) Syrets – has something of an elf-child about her (ok, I’m being fanciful, but you can see the quality I mean…..).

The first two portraits are just colour/b&w variants, while the other two are slightly different – and the perfectionist is Russian Tatiana (Tanya) Leshchenko, from the site of history’s biggest tank battle: Kursk. She has done a couple of even closer shots of Polina:




……the last two again being b&w/colour versions of the same portrait…….and a couple where Polina is holding Nadia – twenty-seven-year-old Tanya’s daughter (the other one being the header):


……she reminds me of Mirta Groffman from a couple of posts ago – tho’ Tanya is more of a beginner at painting and drawing, sticking to urban landscapes and portraits (particularly of Nadia – as far as I can tell she’s a single mum). The best place to admire just her photographs is here: she has an Instagram account (see below – @solartphoto), but doesn’t include any of her children’s portraits.

Finally two of her photographic portraits of Nadia; holding a painted portrait of her; and then Tanya and Nadia together…….:






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