Natasha Lishtvan and Polina Bogdanova by Alex and Diana Secret

Natasha Lishtvan and Polina Bogdanova by Alex and Diana Secret


I’ve changed the title about four times – altering Miss Lishtvan‘s given name from Natasha to Irina and back again. On Instagram she’s Natasha (see below for image links), while on she’s Irina – but the clincher was the declaration: “Hooray, we chose a model agency model is now -Natasha Secret Family Kids” – so I’m guessing that Irina is her mother. I posted previously about Alex and Diana (Adrianova) Secret, aka The Secret Family here, featuring some really wonderful flour-filled shots of Kristina Shmidt – ok, you’ve twisted my arm:


As I mentioned in that post, the Secrets run a turnkey photography-styling-studio-model operation in Saint Petersburg: and the “playing card” above is presumably a way of promoting Natasha as one of their signed models – on Instagram (see below) Alex says: “I print the instructions @di.secret” – and Natasha comments “Cool!”…….this was all just two days ago……




…….two days in which she might have checked out the Secret’s home site (here), and discovered she’s joining just four other child models represented by them – and I discover she really is “Natasha” – and she’s eight. There are a lot of impressive-sounding parts to the site that reveal themselves to be wishful-thinking (i.e. blank), except the number and quality of the studios – and the fact that Diana is a make-up artist and stylist as well as an excellent photographer. As you can see from the image link below, the first portrait is on Diana’s feed, and she says”PS I’m in love with this photo 😍” – so I guess this and the following set are by her (“Model Test”, apparently):





……she’s a bit of a hamster-face in profile – but with the Secrets at least she’s got an agency that necessarily need to use their own models in promotions, in order to save money – it’s just less likely that other photographers will cast her as well. The “Space Unicorn” session below seems to have been before they signed Natasha, since in the relevant image link featuring her, Alex refers to the OFK model agency. The other girl is the much more experienced Polina (Pauline) Bogdanova (using @pomina08 on social media):







…….that’s Alex in the last shot, and he’s another loved-up photographer – after Marina Alexandra in the previous post – putting this sweet portrait of Diana on his feed:


……and getting the hoped-for response “Bay 😍😍😍” from his not-so-Secret love…….

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