May Flower Models: Ellie Matus and Karys Paisley for KK Swimwear

May Flower Models: Ellie Matus and Karys Paisley for KK Swimwear


…….you can’t help but feel that Ellie Matus did something bad in a previous life to warrant this (from her Instagram feed – see below): but of course the truth is that the designer, Natalia of KK Swimwear, is the real culprit…..

Joking apart, I do realise that “resort wear” is a thing, and what you wear around the pool isn’t necessarily what you wear in the pool…..  Here are KK Swimwear‘s shots (the one on the left infinitesimally different from Ellie’s – as well as the lack of cropping):


……just what you feel Queen Elizabeth I would have worn to a pool party with Sir Walter Raleigh….while a modern teenage girl might feel just the teensiest bit conspicuous…..

I think that Natalia really would like to get away from swimsuit designing altogether – and maybe designing for kids as well (the brand covers 2-16) – here are some more of her ideas:







……as you can see, she’s resolutely edging away from what you’d wear in the pool (the sea? What the heck’s that?) towards what you’d wear on the red carpet at the Oscars © – well, from the belly-button up, anyway – tho’ I think some minor starlets would happily wear a bikini bottom in return for more (media) exposure…..

The last model (and in the header) is Karys Paisley (see the link below) – her mother made the headpiece, apparently, so I can’t blame Natalia – and in fact Ellie and she are KK‘s designated “May Flowers Models“…….(well, this was all back in May)….. I wonder if the things on her arms inflate for added buoyancy…

There’s just one other interesting point to make from this design critique – and that is how mini-me dolls are a real thing in swimwear as well – as in fact Ilona Szwarc showed in the Little Gloriana post-before-last:





……and really finally, a cute shot of Ellie to give her back the respect she deserves:



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