Panda Girl: Kira Krivuseva by Bozhena Puchko (Channeling Natalie Portman)

Panda Girl: Kira Krivuseva by Bozhena Puchko (Channeling Natalie Portman)


This model is nine-year-old Muscovite Kira Krivuseva – but when she did the session, probably even her mother wouldn’t have recognised her from the portraits. Here she is without the wig, make up and associated editing (yes, that’s a chin-dimple to die for):


…..the photographer being one that I keep coming back to – Bozhena Puchko. The first portrait is part of a set she calls “Panda Girl” (from the motif on the dress) on Instagram and her site – but seems to have first been envisioned as *Fashionista* Project (with asterisks, apparently):


… with a lot of these projects, it seems as if the initial idea came along, and then didn’t really go anywhere (it was a commission for FashionSpace Magazine, for whom she’s done a number of sets – tho’ at the time of writing this one doesn’t feature on the site) – first with a white background:







…..and then dark:







On Instagram Kira likens the last image (in fact already appearing in a Bozhena-themed gallery here ) to thirteen-year-old Natalie Portman‘s character Mathilda in the 1994 film Léon: The Professional (see the image link below):


……and in fact putting a Louise Brooks wig and black micro-shorts on Kira while she wields a Beretta 92FS could well be the project Bozhena was really thinking of…..


She likes wigs – and generally being creative with hair – here’s a collage of effects she’s tried just with Kira:


…..and for equally gorgeous hair, see this (that she also did for FashionSpace Magazine) with Alisa Samsonova:


Meanwhile, here’s a gallery of Kira by Bozhena to finish off:















…….and the header? Well, even tho’ she’s similar in looks, it ISN’T Kira: it’s a teaser for the next post – the portrait is by Bozhena again, but it involves me having to ‘fess up to a disservice done to quite a different photographer……

Хей😊 стартовал мой проект "Fashionista" и на след неделе я готова взять двух девочек в возрасте от 6 лет на проект. Все индивидуально, образы разные и продуманы мной. Поэтому фото обязательно. Условия/стоимость – узнавайте по вотсап. #станьмоделью #fashionprojectbybozhena. На фото Кира @kirakrivuseva кто не узнал 😊 ☆ ☆ ☆ #bozhenapuchko #fineart #folkportraits #pkmanagement #pkmodels #igpodium_portraits #portrait_shots #portrait_mood #profile_vision #portrait_perfection #ftmedd #retouching #модельныетесты #фешнсъемка #фешнмодель #fashionmodel #fashion #fashionkids #kidsinfashion #facesobsessed #детимодели #детиактеры #красивыйребенок #красиваядевочка #emotion #эмоциидетей

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А вот, собственно, и сама Натали)) для сравнения)).

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4 thoughts on “Panda Girl: Kira Krivuseva by Bozhena Puchko (Channeling Natalie Portman)

      1. I can’t say I haven’t thought about it; I love Mathilda’s hair-do (thanks for providing a name for it, by the way).😊 It’d be a bit of a challenge, though, as Ms Portman is incredibly beautiful. Also, there’s many amazing depictions of Mathilda out there, like the two you included in your post, which is a little intimidating.😅 But if you’re interested in seeing what my version of Mathilda would look like, I’ll certainly be happy to have a go at drawing her.

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  1. Well, I’ve had enthusiastic viewers sending me links to models whose portraits they think are exquisite – but for whatever reason, they don’t suit what I do – and although it feels cavalier not to take up the suggestion, in the end you have to, for coherence to your particular aesthetic. For this I’d never say “Hey, why don’t you do x,y and z?” – so if it doesn’t float your boat, I’d be the first to understand – it really was a question as to whether you’d ever considered it, since it’s such a strong visual characterisation of a thirteen-year-old – and there aren’t many out there, let’s face it. But if it feels right, I’d certainly be interested in the result……


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