Maria (Masha) Tsishchanka by Bozhena Puchko, Sergey Piltnik and Ruslan Huzau

Maria (Masha) Tsishchanka by Bozhena Puchko, Sergey Piltnik and Ruslan Huzau



If you look at the model featured in the header portrait – lying on a couch with a cheesy grin – you’d think she was just another pretty girl, probably posing for a stock image. You’d be right – but two excellent fine-art photographers have seen something else. The two images above are by the photographer from the previous post – Bozhena Puchko (one being the header/teaser) – her comment for the first image on Facebook being “Amazing Masha” (see image-link below), while on Instagram her comment for the second image is: “Absolutely new – my stunning [new] face“. The model is Maria Tsishchanka – who uses the diminutive Masha, calling herself Masha Tsi for short – but she isn’t really a new face: and this is where I ‘fess up to a misattribution…..

The other fine art photographer who has used her as a model is Sergey Piltnik – and probably most beautifully in these two portraits:



…….which I put in a gallery of portraits of Polinka Karpenko here, and then repeated the error comprehensively here. I could blame Sergey for not being Ryan Mills and dutifully naming every model and location in every published shot – but I know he doesn’t, and just assumed they were Polinka from the context near portraits of her on his gallery. And looking at them now – Masha doesn’t really look that much like Polinka anyway……tho’ the style certainly makes attribution harder – look at this shot of Polinka:


……still, it does give me a good excuse for dedicating a post to Masha – since while it’s anything but an insult to be confused with Polinka, it’s always good to have your own qualities recognised……..first by Sergey:

image (3)

image (5)









o8w1_YEXd5y8 (1)







…….the last portrait being interesting, since on his feed, one of his friends asks where in Gomel (Belarus – Sergey and Polinka’s hometown) it was taken – the reply being near the railway station: which means that Masha either lives in Gomel (or nearby) or goes there for what seem to be numerous sessions (Sergey always hashtags his photos with #gomel) – here’s another one outside the railway station:

image (8)

As well as and, Sergey is on a number of sites – see below for Instagram, then, and finally

Bozhena, on the other hand, is a Moscow resident – but has shot Polinka in the past, and now Masha……the driving distance between the two cities being about 400 miles……:







…….as you can see from the first portrait and the image link below, Bozhena is starting a new project she calls “The Queen” – and being an enthusiastic promoter of her wares, is already calling it “stunning“……..if she keeps Masha as the lead model, there’s at least a good chance….

The third photographer in the title is Ruslan Huzau – in fact the stock image provider behind my header – and the creator of a lot of the images on Masha’s own Instagram feed. He uses his own name or Aletia on the various sites where he sells his stock (here and here, for example) – and again I don’t know if he’s a Gomel resident. Here are a few of his portraits – obviously shot more for their illustrative than artistic qualities, but perhaps giving a better idea of Masha’s real personality, when she isn’t being the serious, arty model:






student girl sleeping on books

Mother and daughter  with laptop



…….and one last portrait from her social media feed – she doesn’t name the photographer, and I’m not going to hazard a guess – maybe I’ve learned my lesson….. 😚😚😚😚😚



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