Alina Kiryukhina by Andrey Sharapov (Dolphine/d’Elf): Featuring “Kelp” by Noxxut on DeviantArt

Alina Kiryukhina by Andrey Sharapov (Dolphine/d’Elf): Featuring “Kelp” by Noxxut on DeviantArt

The next three portraits serve as something of a defence for this post – I realise that the previous one was necessarily populated by images of the model, Gaia, showing lots of skin – perfectly appropriately: she’s a professional model, and it was an expertly (and beautifully) shot swimsuit/beachwear session. This post features a couple of fine-art photographic semi-nudes, as well as some drawn nudes/semi nudes – but my defence is that the main artist we’re dealing with is an exquisite photographer of girls’ portraits per se, and the nude studies are incidental to the overall vision (although in their own right they’re lovely portraits as well):




…….I didn’t exactly choose these at random – but they’re more-or-less representative of the portfolio of the artist. Ok, why this particular photographer? At this point in time just because of a particular image:


… a long-term DeviantArtist, Noxxut, who has been serving up slightly unsettling illustrations of barely-dressed girls for quite some time – this one (Kelp“), I happened upon by chance, and it reminded me immediately of a portrait by a photographer whom I’d always wanted to do a post on, but lacked enough definitive information – except two names: Dolphine/ d’Elf. As it turned out, reverse searching the image (that Noxxut’s artwork seems definitely to have been based on) brought me immediately to the photographer – forty-five year-old Yalta resident Andrey Sharapov:



……and I apologise for the quality of the images – his original formats are often miniscule. Given the names Dolphine and d’Elf, and to some extent the concentration on gymnastics images, I’d in fact surmised he was a she – and also given the rather archaic formats and framing, I’d guessed they were all from some years ago – while although he started uploading onto the (link above) site back in 2008, his last contact was as recent as December last year.

I’ll finish with Noxxut before continuing to Andrey’s portfolio: I really appreciate the quality that the model (Alina Kiryukhina according to his feed) has in the main and associated shots:

……and the conceit of recognising that quality by turning her into an underwater human/alien/seacreature was clever – just why not credit the original artist (and model), or at least indicate there is an unattributable primary source? He’s done it before – this is his painting “Loli-pop” followed by Sergey Bratkov‘s iconic portrait of Sonya from his “Kids” series:



……..and as usual lots of praise in the “Comments” section – and no acknowledgement of the actual source (or the really bad drawing of the girl’s legs). Here’s some of Noxxut’s portfolio:









…..the last one (“Pearls Before Swine“) showing that he has the possibility of moving into Mark Ryden territory with a more hyper-real technique and less texture  – assuming he understands that ultimately there’s only so far you can go with drawing girls in ironic bikinis…….

Anyway, here’s a selection of Andrey’s work – there are a lot of gymnastics shots to choose from, so just a representative group of those. Otherwise he seems to have managed to take excellent portraits of non-professional models – some he probably met through gymnastics as he snapped his way round the Crimea – first his bigger formats:

















……..which come mainly from his feed……..followed by an enormous gallery of (mostly) his small formats: logically I could have bumped some up – but choosing from this quality is pretty well impossible:

…….and Alina? There are other portraits of her in Andrey’s portfolio – some not so different:

……and some showing her seemingly slightly older:

photo by dolphine.

photo by dolphine.

photo by dolphine.

photo by dolphine.

photo by dolphine.

photo by dolphine.

photo by dolphine.

photo by dolphine.

photo by dolphine.

photo by dolphine.

…….but, wonderfully, some also showing her without the sociopath’s glare (only kidding 😘) when she was a little thing:

photo by dolphine.

photo by dolphine.

photo by dolphine.

I really like it when a photographer gets the chance to follow a girl through life’s formative stages: two final portraits – a group shot with her family, and the rather suave-looking sixteen-years-younger Andrey himself beside – what else? A dolphin:

photo by dolphine.



4 thoughts on “Alina Kiryukhina by Andrey Sharapov (Dolphine/d’Elf): Featuring “Kelp” by Noxxut on DeviantArt

  1. Quite an interesting thread you’ve spun in this post! I vaguely recall coming across the name Noxxut on DeviantArt before, but I don’t remember seeing any of the pieces you’ve posted here. As you say, there seems to be a hint of Mark Ryden in some of their work, which is not really my cup of tea. On the other hand, I found the photos by Andrey Sharapov very interesting. Some of them are exquisite!

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  2. I tried to post his more “artistic” artwork – he’s a bit repetitive in his obsessions…….and in fact being inspired by Dolphine or Sergey Bratkov is probably a blessing, since they introduce elements that he probably wouldn’t have thought of himself. One interesting thing about Andrey is that he seems to be an ethnic Russian living in the Crimea: and that his subjects and style are so classically Russian……you wonder what his situation is like now after the 2014 annexation……

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  3. I agree Dolphine is a great artist and one of my favourites, so having trouble choosing images is entirely reasonable. Having known this artist for a long time I will say that many of his images are definitely over five years old, I think they were mostly created prior to 2013. You have created a great post here, and how you find the time to research and create posts this large, there is 150 images in here, have always amazed me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi – in fact now I’ve published the post I’m finding other examples of his I’d like to add! This often happens…..and quite often I sneak a few more in. I don’t know why I didn’t get enough information about him from the site originally – it has a clear link to his galleries. I’d love to see what a photographer like him would do with a budget and professional models in a tighter, fashion-based project – could he produce these casual marvels? He always seems like a dedicated gymnastics/dance photographer who grabbed the opportunity of separate sessions when the chance arose – and somehow produced at least half-a-dozen classics….

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