First I’ll make it clear that this isn’t a strictly “photographic” blog – in the sense that I’m not a photographer, and have no more knowledge of the subject than any normal layman. The intention is to help redress, in admittedly a very limited way, the imbalance that exists with regard to images of girls online. Yes, Pinterest is full of boards where mums-to-be pin hundreds of shots of pretty babies and little girls (not so many little boys for some reason) and boards belonging to testosterone-guided males have physically attractive females with age-ranges that get down to the mid-teens in some cases. However, it’s still the case that Tumblr, for example, deletes any blog that seems to be concentrating on young, or even young-ish girls – the sources, relative appropriateness, context (fashion, for example), being ignored: and other platforms have similar policies, even if they aren’t stated in their ToS that would justify the way that they are carried out in practice.

This blog tries to demonstrate that the 14% of humanity that is covered by the term “girl”is in fact represented reasonably well online – even if it’s sometimes hard to track down: in fashion brands’ sites, fashion blogs, photographic sites and blogs, dedicated photographic library and sharing sites like Flickr, image content and sharing sites like Pinterest, blog platforms like Tumblr, Blogspot and WordPress, and finally all the social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. They are appropriate, legitimate, and accepted by most people. The images are made by proud photographers; feature professional, hardworking models or the photographers’ daughters, nieces etc., and wherever possible I try to give credit to these artists and originators – starting with the girl involved, since she’s the most important element, and including photographer, often stylist, origin or source (meaning probably a repost, if the actual origin isn’t attributed).

There are stories along the way: individual models and their careers; photographers that have spent their daughter’s lifetime obsessively snapping her; sites that come and go, leaving orphans without a home; fashion businesses that have used their models to create a beautiful brand image; mothers whose blog is basically an homage to their little punkin’ muse; Instagram wannabes; breathtaking monochrome portraits that win prizes and hearts; Tiffany Beveridge wryly poking fun at the stylists’ overindulgences; the rise of the Russian mini-mafia (with maybe the prettiest girls); me getting confused by the Cyrillic script.

To repeat: basically this isn’t a Pinterest or Tumblr context-free splurging of images just for their visual impact – and the name of the model at the top and below is eleven-year-old Valentina Gold from St Petersburg (not the Florida one), and the photographic studio is Barbara and Victoria……and we have a typical poser in that the web address they use as their watermark is dead!! Who’d’ve believed it? Any follower of the blog – read on……