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Evgeny Matveev I: Sonia and Sasha

Evgeny Matveev I: Sonia and Sasha


The run of Russian photographers – with just one Italian intruder in the previous six posts (considering Andrey Sharapov as Russian rather than Ukrainian) – is extraordinary: and now here’s another. Evgeny Matveev is a forty-six year-old from Saint Petersburg, and as well as the approximate age, has a lot in common with Andrey: they both specialise in gymnastics/dance, and are consummate, almost obsessive, photographers of girls.

Whether it comes from an understanding of the physical form via the two activities, I don’t know – but they share an appreciation for the whole body – legs, arms, backs – with consequently relatively less attention to headshots and clothing. Evgeny is formidably prolific – with more than 9,500 images on Vk.com alone, so it’s going to take a few posts to cover his output. I’m starting with the model in the opening portrait – Sonia – whose crowning glory is obviously her hair. First this set, which is one of the few named ones featuring non-gymnastics/dance sessions that he has on Vk.com:













The next set (including the header) I had to put together myself – for obvious reasons my file is entitled “Sonia – Hair” – shot a year later at sunset on the beach:











…….the emphasis on Sonia’s hair being mirrored in portraits he’s taken of another model – seemingly called Sasha – with hair more wavy than Sonia’s red mane:







…….as well as Vk.com, Evgeny has galleries on Photosight.ru, 500px.com, and Facebook (see image link) – including dipping a seven-image sized toe in Flickr. As offerings to a more general public, he has a (rather underwhelming) home site, and is is even featured briefly on Fkids.ru – and has started an Instagram account dedicated just to rhythmic gymnastics (see image link below). The next post on him will feature interiors – and if you glance through his portfolio, you’ll see that big choices will have to be made…..

Irina Alferova

Irina Alferova

This is yet another Russian lady photographer – Irina (Ira) Alferova – whom I posted on here – tho’ rather tangentially – in the context of colour-washed portraits:


…..the model being Ksenia Ramenskaya.

And while this girl’s name also might not be well-known, the following set is very often reposted:








…..the model being Dasha – Irina not giving any more information or links, either on Fkids (here), or on Instagram (see below @plaisirr). Irina did other sets featuring her – but they don’t seem to have the same appeal, despite those incredible brown eyes and the combination of a fringe and curls:















…..while going back to her penchant for colour wash, this is my favourite set by her, featuring thirteen-year-old Alisa M and the dreaded empty white birdcage:











……and that’s really about it: lots of babies etc., showing she’s a successful, active photographer in Saint Petersburg (from where Alisa M also comes – and presumably the mysterious Dasha), and one or two tantalising portraits (and gymnastic studies) showing that there are probably more lovely sets stashed away somewhere:
















And finally the lady herself – and as is so often the case the photographer looks like an ex-model on her second career……at least she knows what the girls are going through:


Censoring the Easter Bunny? Anastasia Bezrukova by Zhanna Romashka/Bianca



…..just to keep up with the Easter theme of a lot of blog posts, here’s one of the real superstars of girls’ fashion modelling – thirteen-year-old Anastasia Bezrukova – wearing stylised black lace bunny ears (and veil). The portraits are also notable for the deep decolletage to the outfit, photographed by Russian (and current Milan resident) Zhanna Romashka/Bianca – who now usually has “socialite” attached to her professional credentials.

There seems to be some difference in the tones of her chest and her arms, but similar to her face: and although at this age Anastasia would have had the usual flat chest, here it looks almost male….and there are the much more diffused b&w versions with a markedly more normal cut to the top – and these are the ones used by Anastasia (see Instagram link below):



……but they’re always b&w: if the colour ones are Photoshopped – where did they come from? The two logical possibilities are that it’s a case of an original that was deemed too risqué, and so was edited to be more acceptable (my theory) – or a colour version that was discovered by someone who decided it needed to be a little controversial (I think less probable….)

Anyway, it makes a more interesting pursuit than hunting for Easter eggs….

And our two protagonists? Well, Zhanna’s Instagram feed (she seems to have deleted her Flickr account, more’s the pity) doesn’t have much space for model portraits as she swans round Milan in big hats, showing off her still-admirable legs – but Anastasia is definitely her favourite (see image link below). Zhanna’s married with a young son, and although it’s easy to be snidey about the tendency to Zsa Zsa Gabor self-parody, you have to admire the sheer determination and force of character that enables her to fill her feed with a bewildering number of outfits and styles, all presented with perfect make-up and hair (even a selfie with Paris Hilton).  As she reaches her Melania years, I wonder if she feels jealous of her little models – who can roll out of bed in the morning, already looking fresh as daisies….

And here’s one particular daisy, blowing in the wind (machines)

By @alena.kunda.photography #anastasiabezrukova

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And I suspect Anastasia had a fair bit of MUH on these two final examples of her numerous collaborations with Zhanna (and even if it isn’t very gallant, see what you make of her, ahem,  chest…..)….



…..and really finally, an example of the next generation of mini-models: at thirteen Anastasia’s coming to the end of this part of her career – and she’s already had big rôles in two films – one written with her specifically in mind. This lovely shot shows that Zhanna still hasn’t lost it, either:


some time ago…👯 #anastasiabezrukova #vogue@zhanna_bianca

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Vera Zagorodnaya III (A): Kate and Alessia Gatalskaya

Vera Zagorodnaya III (A): Kate and Alessia Gatalskaya

Responding to a couple of comments arising from all the effusive behaviour in the previous post on this amazingly active, prolific and talented photographer, I think there are three points to make:

One, culturally girls (and probably young boys) are much more physically affectionate with each other in Eastern and “Latin” European countries: I’ve mentioned before how here in Italy girls of school age hug and kiss pretty well every time they meet (and say goodbye to) their friends. Secondly, there are fewer taboos about physical displays of affection in these countries. We’ve all read stories of little boys in the States and Britain being suspended (or worse) for spontaneously kissing a girl in the playground: if you look at typical Russian, Polish etc. sentimental photography of little children, they almost always have the boy kissing the girl – in Western Europe you’d have the usual “Inappropriate! Boundaries need to be taught from birth!!” comments attached. Lastly, Vera knows her market (and her models): as well as cuddling kids, she mostly sells glamour-type portraits of extremely well made-up adult models – she must have found that those two types of images sell: and as I said, her girl models are a small group (including sisters) who clearly are friends in life as well as on camera.

And in fact I’ll start this *last* post on Vera with twins: Kate and Alessia Gatalskaya, and the admission that they turned out to have so many lovely sessions (and I turned out to be incapable of pruning them) – to the extent that I’ll fudge the declaration that I was going to finish with Vera here, by splitting it into an A and a B (and by the way, the header isn’t one of them….).

Cheating slightly, I’ll begin with the set trailed in the first post, of the twins in a “Hula” costume – here a blessedly watermark-free version that comes from Vera’s small gallery on the FKids site:


…..cheating because the rest of the set includes some of the other girls – beginning with individual portraits, then pairs, and so on (and back to the dreaded watermarks, I’m afraid):


portrait of little girl in tropical style

portrait of little girl in tropical style

portrait of little girl in tropical style

portrait of little girl in tropical style

portrait of little girl in tropical style

portrait of little girl in tropical style


portrait of little girl in tropical style

portrait of little girl in tropical style



portrait of two sisters twins in tropical style

portrait of two sisters twins in tropical style

portrait of two sisters twins in tropical style

portrait of two sisters twins in tropical style



portrait of two girl in tropical style

portrait of three girls in a tropical style

portrait of three girls in a tropical style


portrait of four girls in a tropical style

…..and thanks to FKids, there’s one of the blemish-free portraits in the set:


They really are a beautiful, happy group of images – I’d find it hard to believe they weren’t all having a blast….

Finally, here are all the rest of the relevant multiple sets and individual images featuring the Gatalskaya twins – it’s a long gallery with well over thirty portraits – but I hope you’ll see why I decided to include them all…..and this time the second photo is without the watermarks (being a beautiful enlarged crop of an original almost identical to the first):

Portrait of two little girls twins


portrait of two girls of girlfriends on a summer nature

Portrait of two little girls twins

Portrait of two little girls twins

Portrait of two little girls twins

Portrait of two little girls twins

Portrait of two little girls twins

Portrait of two little girls twins

portrait of a beautiful little girl in a field

portrait of a beautiful little girl in a field

Portrait of two little girls twins

Portrait of two little girls twins

Portrait of two little girls twins

Portrait of two little girls twins




Portrait of two little girls twins

portrait of two twins with peonies

portrait of two sisters during the autumn harvest

portrait of two sisters during the autumn harvest

portrait of two sisters during the autumn harvest


portrait of a little girl in the fall during harvest

portrait of a little girl in the fall during harvest

portrait of two sisters during the autumn harvest

Portrait of two little girls twins

Portrait of two little girls twins


portrait of two girls of girlfriends on a summer nature

portrait of two girls of girlfriends on a summer nature

portrait of two girls of girlfriends on a summer nature

Portrait of two little girls twins

……and just to demonstrate my point from the previous post on Vera – possibly the sweetest shot of all – the twins from when they were quite a bit younger: you really do see these girls growing up….


…….and if that wasn’t enough – another of Vera’s gorgeous Instagram videos as a teaser for part (along with the header image), when all the rest of the girls get to shine….


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Zoe (Zoya/Zoja) Kurzenkova by Olesya Nakipova

Zoe (Zoya/Zoja) Kurzenkova by Olesya Nakipova


Olesya Nakipova, the photographer for this shot (yes…another Russian!!), really isn’t a children’s photographer – she has a Fashion Kids.ru page with ten photos, and her associated blog on the site has precisely two: that were on the dedicated page anyway….

The really strange thing is that she has a couple of lovely portraits of the same model, thirteen-year-old Zoe Kurzenkova – reblogged, repinned and reposted all over the web, each with her distinctive watermark – that aren’t there:




…..and she doesn’t seem to acknowledge them anywhere else, either…tho’ to be honest one of the ten on Fashion Kids is also of Zoe:


…..which is also on her home site along with my opening b&w shot (which is also the only child portrait she has on Instagram, see image-link below), and this almost identical take – as the only indication she’s done sessions with Zoe:


….they’re clearly from the same set as the colour portrait further up where she’s wearing boots – and while I’m sure there must be other ones around by Olesya featuring her, these are all I could find in the obvious places…..

Zoe has worked with most of the usual suspects: Yana Chuvalova, Julia Voronova, Gabito Rohh, Zhanna Bianca, Alexandrslab, etc. – and she has Olesya’s missing images on her FKids page, being rightly proud of them. Here’s a brief gallery of some of her finest moments:

Alisa Vertyachikh and Annie Sutormina by Anna Volk


Russian children’s fashion photographer Anna Volk (sometimes translated as Wolf) has a couple of claims to fame – at least from my point of view. She’s the author of this gorgeous study of fellow Russian Alisa Vertyachikh (along with a few others from the same session), is the historic photographer of many of Annie Sutormina‘s best portraits, and has produced at least two other classics in the genre that this blog celebrates. For now I’ll stick with Alisa and Annie, leaving the other classics and a rundown of Anna’s other work to the next post.

First, Alisa:








…..she’s a pretty girl – and whether the shots had a fashion origin or not, Anna visibly put a lot of effort into making eleven-year-old Alisa show the beautiful young teen emerging from the pretty girl: see the video at the end for an idea of how young she looked and sounded back when she was nine (and with very creditable English).

Next, Annie – one of my favourite faces: it must be hard to produce a bad shot of her, but Anna has taken some of the most memorable:












……and the three images from Annie’s Facebook photostream below aren’t by Anna: they’re just gratuitous examples of my admiration for her!

Mari Axel Kids: Vasilisa Suslikova and Yolanda D

Mari Axel Kids: Vasilisa Suslikova and Yolanda D


I slipped a reference to Vasilisa’s skinny legs into the previous post: and you can see I was being accurate (if not gallant): I’m not body-shaming at all: they’re perfect legs for her slight frame – and being an eleven-year-old I’ll bet she wolfs down the ice-creams like the rest of her school-mates.

In this set for Mari Axel Kids by Alexandr Lab she’s partnered by a strapping fourteen/fifteen-year-old, Yolanda/Iolanta D:


….and you could almost use it as a reference image for pre- and post-puberty body-shapes – out of interest I’ll reblog a piece next on the different body types seen commonly in ballet: the author is keen to stress that it isn’t definitive – more descriptive of what the reality tends to be.

Here’s Yolanda:



……and the rest of the set:


















If you Google “Mari Axel Girls”, then all you’ll get – hidden away in the middle of the results page – is an image from this collection: and on their main site and Facebook there doesn’t seem to be much heralding of kids/girls collections – tho’ this one does feature. You can see why – the styles are sometimes reminiscent of a weird cosplay outfit for a fantasy German barmaid in a short-skirted dirndl, sometimes over-flowery for the target age-range, and sometimes reasonably pleasant without being memorable. They do often have very short skirts – apparently being the daughter’s version of this cool-mommies’ hem-length:


…..while at least if you Google “Mari Axel Kids” you get a report of a Spring 2013 event, where the guests to a show arranged by the owner of the brand (here called Marie Axel) were encouraged to have their daughters in matching dresses. Here’s how the show went on the restaurant runway:




….the hems not reaching the dizzying heights of some of the promotional outfits. There are other online-magazine articles which show a number of Russian fashionista mommies with their matching daughters: and a lot seem to be clutching Mari Axel-printed shopping bags – so it looks like the event itself was successful. Here are the mini-models with Mari(e) Axel herself – I just wonder what happened in 2014, 2015 and 2016…….:


….and Vasilisa? Having been less than gallant, I’ll redress the situation by showing her pins in all their slender glory- as well as being another opportunity to admire her always-graceful bearing and exemplarily long neck: